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strains | 01.01.2022

Quantum Kush Marijuana Strain

Quantum Kush is an outrageously powerful Sativa marijuana which offers a pure and stimulating mental high, along with noticeable anesthetic effects.

Quantum Kush is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana, bred from Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck. With up to 27 percent THC, this lady’s got astonishing power. Its effects nearly defy the laws of physics. It provides a very propulsive, creative, uplifting high. Depending on your dose, this can either be a functional weed that gets you through a chore-filled afternoon, or a transcendent weed that puts you on a trippier plane of existence.

Quantum Kush Experience

Most marijuana consumers probably associate the word “kush” with a tranquil, relaxing cannabis experience, which is entirely rational. However, Quantum Kush is definitely not that.

This is majorly energetic cannabis, which, instead of putting you to sleep, will bring on a euphoric and cerebral boost. Averaging at a shocking 27% THC, it’s really not for novices, except with extremely cautious dosage.

Enthusiasts consuming this weed will notice a powerful cerebral headrush almost immediately. Thoughts will tumble around in bizarre directions, and the world will become a brighter, buzzier, more psychedelic place.

Depending on your tolerance level and appetite for the more intellectual varieties of weed experience, you’ll either find this euphoric and intoxicating, or totally overwhelming.

Regardless, this marijuana also offers impressive anesthetic effects, meaning that it’s a potentially good choice for enthusiasts looking for daytime relief from their aches and pains.

And this is, in fact, daytime cannabis, unless you’re the kind of person who likes to stay up all night thinking crazy thoughts and making abstract paintings.

Due to its astonishing potency, Quantum Kush is a popular marijuana strain and is thus available in both shatter and vape pen formats.

Traits of Quantum Kush

Quantum Kush comes in chunky, lime green nuggets with a thick trichome coating. Needless to say, these plants are fairly sticky. They also feature a pungent and pleasant smell.

It’s a sweet, spicy, earthy cannabis skunkiness that smells very organic, almost like a forest floor in autumn. The smoke that this weed produces is somewhat harsh, however.

Medical Benefits of Quantum Kush

  • Uplifting properties of this marijuana could be helpful for patients suffering from depression or other related mood disorders.
  • Stimulating effects may be useful for those who suffer from fatigue.
  • Anesthetic effects offer potential relief for aches and pains.

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