Raspberry Kush Marijuana Strain

Raspberry Kush is a lighthearted Indica-dominant strain with a creamy, delicious taste, that places marijuana enthusiasts in a drowsy and yet creative state.

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Raspberry Kush is the perfect sweet strain to close off your night. Featuring a heavy body sensation and a happy (if not sleepy), creative head high, this is an all-around pleasant and reliable Indica marijuana. With a unique berry and cream aroma, this strain is perfect to bring into the kitchen. Novice consumers should go slowly with this bud, as Raspberry Kush is potent.


Raspberry Kush Experience

Raspberry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain with mysterious origins. Though no one knows where this weed strain came from, it has certainly made its way into the hearts of Kush fans on the West Coast. With pleasant, sedative effects and an upbeat mental high, Raspberry Kush is one of the most popular Kush hybrids around the marijuana world.

It’s estimated that this cannabis strain contains around 75-80% Indica and 20-25% Sativa genetics. Whatever the mix, it has certainly inherited some potency. On average, Raspberry Kush contains between 16 and 22% THC. Recommended for moderate to experienced cannabis consumers, this strain is potent enough to produce a solid couch-lock.

Raspberry Kush is a sleepy marijuana that is best saved for the evening. However, while this strain produces a deep and physical relaxation, it also provides a surprisingly upbeat mental experience. Those with muscle tension or spasms may also find some relief with this strain, though a selection with higher CBD may be preferable.

Right off the bat, many marijuana consumers notice a pronounced head high. Mental tasks like reading may be particularly enjoyable with this strain. However, this mental kick is accompanied by a slower and more powerful heavy body sensation. Getting comfy on the couch or snuggling up somewhere cozy will be easy with this strain. Weed consumers may also find themselves making a trip or two to the refrigerator, on a quest to find something that will satisfy the bad case of the munchies it provides.

Though sedative, there is also a creative aspect to this weed. Artistic types might enjoy working slowly on a project after a taste or two of this delicious strain. However, don’t expect to dive too deeply into complex tasks. This is a lighthearted marijuana, and you may find yourself more subdued than attentive.


Traits of Raspberry Kush and Raspberry Kush Seeds

The aroma is certainly is part of the reason this strain is so popular. Slightly sour, but mostly sweet, Raspberry Kush has a striking berry flavor. The aroma also carries some creamy qualities, which possibly supports the theory that some Cheese genetics are in this bud.

Anyone interested in experimenting with delicious, cannabis-infused desserts will appreciate Raspberry Kush. The signature berries and cream aroma works really well in many sweet, edible treats.


Medical Benefits of Raspberry Kush

Not just a pretty flavor, this herb packs a number of therapeutic benefits that medical marijuana patients turn to in times of need.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this strain for pain. Many find that the heavy, body-numbing sensation this strain provides is a great remedy for chronic pain, especially pain that makes it difficult to get to sleep
  • This is also an excellent strain for those who struggle with insomnia. Heavy lids are common with this one, making it the perfect sweet and tasty nightcap
  • Raspberry Kush is also popular among patients with inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Those seeking relief from mental health ailments like depression, chronic stress, and anxiety also tend to rate this strain highly. However, in large doses, Raspberry Kush is known to make people feel a little dizzy
March 23, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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March 23, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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