Strawberry Haze Weed; Strawberry Haze Cannabis Strain; Strawberry Haze Sativa Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Strawberry Haze Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Haze is a prizewinning Sativa-leaning Hybrid which makes enthusiasts sociable, uplifted, and energetic for hours. It’s also delicious.

Strawberry Haze is an exceptionally pleasing Sativa-dominant Hybrid, which offers all of the classic Sativa energy without the disruptive trippiness. It’s a functional weed that will put you in a chatty, excitable, cheerful mood. Some enthusiasts even describe an increased desire for intimacy. (Not guaranteed.) It also tastes just great, like a fresh strawberry pie.

Strawberry Haze Experience

This cannabis is a creation of the reputable Arjan Roskam and is apparently bred from Kali Mist, Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Swizz Sativa. It’s just great: consumers feel an outgoing, contagious sense of uplift, accompanied by a delicious taste.

As a result, this weed has been growing in popularity since its introduction to the market. It won a top prize at the 2005 Green House Very Important Smokers Panel.

Perhaps its only flaw is an inconsistent THC level: it’s tested from 13% to 22%, so take care when you’re buying and dosing it, otherwise, you might end up getting too high.

Shortly after the consumption of this delicious cannabis, the enthusiast will feel a refreshing burst of happiness. This happiness is combined with the desire to get up, move around, and talk to people.

This almost flamboyant feeling of extraversion tends to continue throughout the high and is accompanied by a slight body tingle and anesthesia.

With no drowsiness to speak of, this is definitely a daytime weed, and may actually keep you up if it’s smoked later on. Occasional consumers report that this marijuana encourages romantic and sexual urges, although this isn’t everyone’s experience.

A variety of marijuana retailers have seized on Strawberry Haze’s popularity by providing it in shatter and vape pen formats.

Traits of Strawberry Haze

This cannabis consists of tangly forest green buds with tan pistils, which aren’t particularly dense or sticky, and exhibit only occasional surface trichomes.

The aroma of Strawberry Haze is a blast of straight-up strawberry that tends to remind consumers of a freshly baked pie. Once smoked, the fruit aroma continues. Other berry notes soon creep into the palate. This is some tasty marijuana.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Haze

  • Feeling of outgoing relaxation could be helpful for patients suffering from anxiety or stress.
  • Mood-boosting powers of this marijuana potentially remedial for sufferers of mild depression.
  • Somewhat anesthetic, this plant may be suitable for patients dealing with headaches or other minor pains.

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