White Fire OG Marijuana Strain

White Fire OG is a potent Hybrid marijuana strain. With soaring THC levels near 30%, this strain will leave you feeling energetic, relaxed and euphoric.

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White Fire OG is rapidly making its way across the West. It’s a powerful hybrid strain that is excellent for daytime pain relief. The THC content is astronomical, testing between 22 and 30 percent THC. If you’re searching for something heavy-hitting and full-bodied, White Fire OG is the strain for you.


White Fire OG Experience

Fans of White Fire OG, often called Wifi OG, tend to enjoy the cerebral and euphoric mental experience this strain provides. Stimulating and energetic, this strain is great to use in the morning. While upbeat, this strain also cultivates feelings of calm relaxation. Though, be mindful of consuming too much. The high THC content means that those with a lower weed tolerance may feel a little paranoid or dizzy.

The effects of White Fire OG are interesting. It is sativa-dominant, but the OG heritage also lends some strong indica effects to the mix. The whole experience is head to toe, with quality body relaxation and plenty of cerebral sensations. It’s not uncommon for people to experience a very pleasant light-headed sort of feeling, particularly in the front part of the head and sinuses.

Bodily effects can kick in fairly quickly, and they will become more pronounced as the high continues. Many consumers claim that they feel that the indica effects are more pronounced, but they still come with more mental energy than your standard kush strain.

White Fire OG does have some lung-expanding qualities. It’s not uncommon for even the most experienced consumers to let out a cough or two after this strain. The smoke and vapor tends to be quite thick and milky. Though, White Fire OG buds tend to be more fluffy than dense.

Traits of White Fire OG and White Fire OG Seeds

White Fire OG is rising in popularity in grow rooms. A high producing strain loaded with THC (22 to 30 percent), this strain is a real winner for cannabis consumers and growers alike. It’s sativa-dominant hybrid cross between The White and Fire OG, both heavy-hitting flowers. The White is a balanced hybrid known for producing an OG Kush-like bud structure and plenty of THC. Fire OG is another hybrid with potent effects. In fact, it’s known for being one the strongest of the OG family.

White Fire OG doesn’t hide its lineage at all. Connoisseurs will recognize an earthy diesel aroma that these nugs inherit from Fire OG. The jury is out as to its flavors, however. Some report flavors of pepper or lemon, while others insist this strain offers an oaky sweetness. 

When you first smell one of these buds, you may notice a slightly chemical acidity. Upon breaking one open, the chemical and diesel aromas are most predominant. However, more pine and earth undertones are often present in the smoke itself.

From The White, this strain inherits its mouthwatering frosty appearance. Whether densely packed or more spear-shaped, cannabis consumers will want a grinder to bust up this resinous weed.


Medical Benefits of White Fire OG

This strain’s surge in popularity is in no small part down to its medicinal benefits. Medical marijuana patients can expect to find relief from a number of conditions with this potent Hybrid.

  • Pain patients favor this strain for its pain relieving effects without the mental fog
  • Wifi OG is a popular stain among cancer patients, which often appreciate increased THC
  • Patients who struggle to maintain appetite will definitely find this strain gives them the munchies
  • Those with glaucoma and eye pressure also find relief thanks to the psychoactive effects
  • Cannabis patients with anxiety, depression, and chronic stress also report positive results
September 12, 2016 — Last Updated October 19, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 12, 2016 — Last Updated October 19, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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