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strains | 11.08.2021

White Fire OG

White Fire OG is a potent Hybrid marijuana strain. With soaring THC levels near 30%, this strain will leave you feeling energetic, relaxed and euphoric.

A top contender in the cannabis world, you don’t need to be a medicinal consumer to enjoy the experience White Fire OG has to offer. With a high THC level of 28%, this Indica-heavy Hybrid will plunge you into ease with its sweet, oaky flavors. 

Recognized by a few different names, White Fire OG, Wifi OG, Wifi, or even White Fire, is a strain that’s going to give you a full-body-like high experience. Being extraordinary in its value, there’s a reason they named these buds after a rare white flame. 

The flavorful and aromatic combination of White Fire OG’s citrus notes is perfectly paired with spicy herbal scents that make you feel like you’re sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s night. 

Easing into the therapeutic rush of a calming high, this is a strain that will have you lacking all of the care in the world. With its high THC level, White Fire OG is considered one of the finest marijuana strains with the various benefits it serves. 

White Fire OG Terpenes: 

White Fire OG brings the phrase ‘adding fuel to the fire’ to a whole new level. The notable strain of Sour Diesel is found in the aroma of White Fire OG. Taking us into the warm exhale that lingers in taste, the earth-like flavor and scent are met with a citrus punch to give consumers a sweet palate mixed with an earthy zest. It’s incredible.


Experiencing a well-rounded buzz that comes creeping, users of White Fire OG can expect to feel mental clarity upon impact. When the sweet burn of relaxation sets in, this strain will bring ease will have you feeling full of focus and purpose. Sitting at 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, this hybrid and its uplifting tendencies will have you feeling a mainly cerebral buzz to keep you going.

White Fire OG’s Effects Include:

  • Uplifting
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Energetic
  • Relaxed

White Fire OG Medical Benefits:

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White Fire OG  is known to have many medical benefits such as relieving:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • ADHD

Please also keep in mind the few side effects that consumers of White Fire OG users have experienced:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Anxiousness


As an Indica forward hybrid from two other hybrid parents, White Fire OG takes on traits of both Fire OG and The White. Although some lab studies show this strain or a similar phenotype may have been bred from San Fernando Valley. OG Kush and pure OG Kush, the main consensus is that OG Raskal Seeds bred white Fire OG in Southern California to give people a powerful, fiery calm.

Grow Info:

Producing buds that mimic tiny mountains covered in frosted snow, the tight buds of White Fire OG thrive in mild, dry climates outside or indoors. Outside growers admire that the strain resists pests and diseases so well, making it reasonably easy to maintain on that spectrum. However, it’s crucial to attentively control the growing temperature and moisture and trim it frequently.

Flowering Time:

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The flowering time for White Fire OG is approximately 65 days.

Where to Buy White Fire OG:   

Find White Fire OG at your local dispensary near you. 

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