Cannabis is a plant, first and foremost. “If you should so happen to set it on fire…,” as Kat Williams would say, it may have some effects. However, raw cannabis is loaded with THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinol acid), which must first be converted into THC by heat exposure before it will cause psychoactive effects. Consuming THCA can have a wide array of health benefits, from stopping seizures to helping fight cancer. Additionally, cannabis is a complete protein loaded with Omega 3’s and 6’s. The best part is that you can juice the fan leaves, meaning the parts of the plant that gardeners have been either throwing away or donating to their compost could be helping patients directly.

The juice must be consumed within three days of being removed from the plant and should be kept in a cold, dark place, like the refrigerator (but not the freezer) until juiced. Here are 9 reasons to start juicing cannabis today:

1. Better Than Vitamins

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Juicing allows the body to absorb more nutrients than by chewing whole foods. This isn’t a slam on whole foods, as we all need to consume natural fiber daily. However, taking in the recommended amount of daily vitamins would be nearly impossible if you attempted to consume them all in whole food form. Juicing is your vitamin solution.

2. Maximize the Plant’s Benefits

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As Dr. Courtney says, 99% of the plant is being wasted if you smoke it or cook it.

3. Easy on Digestion

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Juicing cannabis has been shown to cause no negative side effects, while eating raw cannabis leaves has been shown to cause stomach sensitivity.

4. Consistent and Dependable

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The benefits of juicing cannabis are more predictable, offering a routine you can depend on — something that has not been standardized with flower, edibles, or concentrates.

5. Cannabinoid Acid

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Cannabinoid acid is only accessible if you juice the plant.

6. Completely Safe

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Juicing cannabis is 100% safe, there’s no chance of fire or that you’ll wind up in a situation resembling Maureen Dowd, as many have found themselves after a strong edible the dosage of which they didn’t know.

7. Unlimited Dosage

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Juicing cannabis allows you to consume whatever dose of cannabinoids your doctor prescribes without any worry to you that you won’t be able to handle the “high” because it won’t be present.

8. Highly Medicinal

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Cannabis is an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, disease preventing, cancer fighting vegetable.

9. Open to All Ages

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Passing your juice is not like passing the joint so don’t hesitate to share with children, elders, and anyone afraid of getting high.* It won’t harm children; it won’t harm grandma and it won’t get you high. It can only help.


Blending cannabis is an art. It’s important to blend slowly and expose the plant matter to as little heat as possible. Even the smallest heat exposure can begin converting THCA into THC, which will make the user “stoned.” This way the benefits of THC can be gained without the psychoactive effects, a combination often desired by medical patients. While THC has intoxicating effects that can be enjoyed recreationally and aid in palliative relief, the raw plant has broad potential for system-wide therapeutic and nutritional benefit. We must protect the plant first so that patients always have access to the medicine they need in its most basic form. If you take a moment to rethink cannabis, the answer is simple: just juice it.


*Be extra careful to keep heat exposure to the plant at an all time low to prevent psychoactive effects.