A lot of stoners harbor guilt associated with their weed habit. The worst part about it? It’s completely unfounded.

That’s not entirely true; it’s founded in a bunch of lies created around the time the war on drugs began.

Today we’re going to lay the ghost to rest with the truth of the matter: Cannabis is good for your health. That’s right — it’s an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

This is likely something you already felt, but most of us are challenged to explain why. Luckily, science saves the day, as articulated beautifully by Dean Ornish, M.D. in this TEDx talk.

This excerpt explains how we can change our genes by changing our lifestyles, methods by which harness some of our favorite compounds on this planet: cannabinoids.

Take these 3 minutes to be amazed by the extent which cannabis can transform your everyday life and overall well-being. Then celebrate your newfound wisdom by rolling a joint — because why? You’re one healthy son of a gun, that’s why.