Why raw cannabis juice? We all know by now the benefits of medical marijuana for so many different ailments are due to cannabinoids. But did you know the best way to maximize your cannabinoid intake isn’t a bowl, but a glass? 

Juicing Raw Cannabis allows you to take in doses of cannabinoids 60 times higher than smoking or edibles, without ANY mind altering effects! (Yes, believe it or not, some people like cannabis for it’s health properties over getting high!)

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The advocate in this video, Kristen Peskuski, juices raw cannabis daily to manage a host of medical issues, any one of which would be bad enough on its own.

Also speaking are William L.Courtney, MD. A dietary raw cannabis specialist, and Donald L. Abrams, MD. Both speak to the amazing benefits Cannabis offers in its raw, juiced form. Watch and enjoy!

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