Guess what? You don’t have to smoke with water that tastes like a bong, because there are bong water alternatives! In fact, there are alternatives that give not only a more pleasant smoking experience but also can help keep your bong cleaner.

So, if you’re a little bit experimental and are willing to give yourself a new bong experience, try any of these in substitute of water!

1. Hot Tea

bong water hot tea 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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This is a creative alternative to water. Make some hot tea, preferably something with flavor (such as orange, peach or lemon) instead of water. Most people are used to smoking bongs with ice cubes or cold water. Having hot water in the bong gives a whole new experience, and much smoother hits. So make sure that the water is hot when you put it in there for a hot smoking experience.

Don´t add sugar to your tea, because it can cause problems for your bong!

2. Cranberry Juice

bong water cranberry 1 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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Cranberry juice has been a popular water alternative among stoners for quite a while now. It definitely effects the taste of your hit, and is even more effective if it is fresh and ice cold. Some say that the acidity of the cranberries keep your bong cleaner for longer. Also, cranberries are jam packed with Vitamin C, and smoking with cranberry juice can help get some of that goodness into your body. You might even experience a better high!

3. Gatorade

bong water gatorade 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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Fancy some electrolytes in your bong? Just kidding. Using Gatorade does not get you more hydrated with electrolytes. It is just a good option if you want a flavor other than bong in your mouth. Gatorade comes in a lot of different flavors, so you can choose from a variety.

4. Orange or Lemon Peels

bong water orange 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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After eating an orange or a lemon, scrape the peels into the water of your bong. It adds a wonderful citrus taste, and is also really good for keeping your bong clean.

5. Iced Tea

bong water iced tea 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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This is for those that prefer to fill their bongs with water that is ice cold. Pick your favorite flavor of iced tea and throw in some ice cubes. Again, be careful not to choose something too sugary! Too much sugar in a bong can make it hard to clean, especially if you’re not the kind of stoner who looks after cleaning duties straight away!

6. Wine

bong water wine 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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Yes, wine can be used as an alternative to bong water, for those wine fanatics out there. However, it is better to choose wine that has a lower alcohol content, because THC is soluble in alcohol and you risk losing some of the content to the wine. This also creates a very interesting falvor combination!

7. Kool-Aid

bong water kool aid 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try
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We added this one purely because of the flavor attraction. Grape Kool-Aid in a bong is probably one of the most delicious bong hits you will experience. It actually makes for a smoother hit, too, with the delicious after taste of Kool-Aid. If you leave this in your bong for too long, it’s likely to ruin it. So make sure you clean it thoroughly after use.

Disclaimers about bong water alternatives

bong water disclaimer 6 Bong Water Alternatives You Need To Try

Don’t use anything as a replacement for bong water that contains fat, such as milk. THC is soluble in fats and you will definitely lose some of your THC content to the fatty liquid in your bong.

Don’t use alcohol (except for a low alcohol content wine) in your bong, because mixing fire and alcohol is a very bad idea!

Finally, if you are using sugary drinks as a substitute for your bong water, please be careful to clean your bong regularly. It will leave your bong very sticky and will probably ruin it after a while. Stay on top of your cleaning!

What do you like to fill your bong with? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!