The revolution is upon us. Marijuana is here, and if we want it to stay we must stand united in our push for global acceptance. So why do we fight? The following list will give you enough reasons to keep spreading the good word- number 10 is the honest truth. 

1. Cannabis is good for the brain

brain 2 10 Reasons We Fight For Marijuana
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Aside from the on-going benefits of THC and CBD, research is consistently finding benefits for brain health. It has been shown to fight Alzheimer’s and brain cancer and is quickly becoming one of the most effective treatments of mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress.

2. It’s our best defence against the next super-virus

defense 10 Reasons We Fight For Marijuana
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The growing resistance of the human body to antibiotics is seeing the natural development and prevalence of super virus’s increase. Couple this with our proximity to each other and we’re cooking up a pretty good recipe for disaster. Marijuana is quickly becoming one of our best and most viable options, however, with more than 5 common cannabinoids having already shown promise in treating antibiotic-resistant virus strains.

3. Harm Reduction

harm 10 Reasons We Fight For Marijuana
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In the U.S. over 80,000 people die annually from alcohol-related diseases. 18,000 people died from prescription medication and painkillers in 2014 alone. You know how many people die from marijuana? ZERO. That’s right. Not one. Aside from that little fact, marijuana has the potential to replace a whole host of prescription medications which, correct me if I’m wrong, are supposed to treat things, not become an issue themselves.

4. The stigma is causing more damage

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“Marijuana is a gateway drug” they say. “It makes you stupid and lazy.” New evidence has not only destroyed the argument, research is constantly and consistently that this propaganda was never based on fact, dispelling decades of brainwashing and lost opportunities. The more positive and factual information we can put out there, the faster we are able to truly unleash the potential benefits of marijuana.

5. No one should be jailed for cannabis

COPS 10 Reasons We Fight For Marijuana
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700, 993 people were arrested in 2014 for marijuana-related offences in the US. That’s one arrest every 45 seconds, with almost 90% of arrests related to possession. Aside from the removal of civil liberties for being in possession of a plant, which the vast majority of people believe should be legal, it is also costing more than half a billion dollars of tax revenue each year to maintain.

6. It is part of our history

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The earliest recorded history of marijuana use was in 2737 BC, by a Chinese emperor no less, who highlighted its use in the treatment of Rheumatism and Malaria. Fast forward 1000 years to India and the herb is used to relieve anxiety and alleviate fatigue, and ancient Hindu scripture details how marijuana can facilitate a spiritual connection- something that has been well and truly buried in the modern world.

Global exploration saw marijuana (and it’s accepted use) spread to the corners of the earth, and it wasn’t until the 1930’s that campaigns against marijuana began. It’s classification as a schedule I drug in the 70’s not only cemented the brainwashing techniques in use, it restricted potential research in the field. Imagine how much more we would understand now with 40 more years of research!

7. Prohibition is based on lies and deceit

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Without the advent of ye old internet, the use of anti-marijuana propaganda was much more marketable, with early campaigns touting it as ‘the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.’ Throw these statements in with early 20th-century racism, and the use of the widely unknown term of ‘marihuana,’ and most medical professionals did not even realise they were losing cannabis until it was too late.

8. We fight for our right

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This isn’t just a push for legalisation or decriminalisation. We are literally fighting for our right to continue fighting! No entity should have the power to decide what we choose to put into our own bodies and we live in a world where media scaremongering and misinformation are used as tools to remove our civil liberties. If we fold on marijuana, where does that leave us when we, as a community, push to change something else? Governments are supposed to act as a voice for the people, and it’s about time they started listening!

9. Research should be unrestricted

RESEARCH 10 Reasons We Fight For Marijuana
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Marijuana’s classification as a schedule I substance has grossly restricted access and research, with the substance listed as having ‘no medicinal value.’  Thankfully, the truth has come to light, and there is absolutely no doubt that marijuana offers a multitude of potential health benefits. Heck we didn’t even discover the endocannabinoid system until the 90’s! This system can help prevent cancers, promotes embryonic growth, and positively affect neural transmissions. Previous time restrictions were lifted and our lives stop being used as bargaining chips.

10. We like to get high!

LIKE IT 10 Reasons We Fight For Marijuana
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Let’s be honest here, it is OK to fight for marijuana because we like being high! It’s ok to admit to the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you pull out the bowl, or toke on a blunt. Food tastes better, it helps you relax, it heals ailments, it lets you connect with other people and it opens up creative potential. Whether you enjoy melting into the couch, going on a nature walk or colouring in, doing it high is better, and if that isn’t a reason to fight for something I don’t know what is.

Why do you fight for marijuana? Let us know in the comments or on social media!