This will not be the first example of the marijuana industry and the sex industry being good business partners, with the Australian sex industry fighting for cannabis to be sold in sex shops. Of course, the logical reasoning behind this lies in all of the benefits that legalizing the cannabis industry can bring to a country, and especially the potential for economic benefit.

The fact is that sex shops in Australia already sell all kinds of products to cannabis enthusiasts, such as fashion accessories, pipes, and other paraphernalia. The market for the product is already there, buying all of the necessary equipment. All that’s missing is the bag of herb, and the sex industry is suggesting a positive change in Australia through the sale of cannabis.

Profit, Employment, Freedom

senate Will Cannabis Soon Be Available In Australian Sex Shops?
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Currently, the Senate in Australia is investigation the possibility that by failing to legalize marijuana in Australia the government is potentially breaching a personal freedom. The Eros Association, which is the foundation for sex shop owners and employees in Australia, submitted into this inquiry their proposal to sell regulated marijuana in sex shops.

This proposal comes with the potential benefits of an increased economy, increased employment and less tax being spent on policing a black market trade of the drug. It is estimated that a legal marijuana market could attract a $1 billion tax profit annually, and this does not even consider the amount of people that would be employed on that basis.

The fact that most of the money spent on combating drugs is spent on enforcement and policing is the first foreseeable benefit of this move. With cannabis moving into the legal market, it would mean that less money could be spent on imprisonment and policing and more money could be focused towards community funded programs for addicts for example.

Australia Readying Itself For Legalization

australia Will Cannabis Soon Be Available In Australian Sex Shops?
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Australia has been on the conservative side of this argument for quite a long time. It is only just recently making small steps towards the legalization of marijuana and is starting with the legalization of its medical sale. The proposal to legalize marijuana medically in Australia is currently under the scrutiny of the Parliament and the courts, but the movement is definitely underway.

Health Minister, Susan Ley says that Australia is not pushing towards a recreational marijuana market, but rather a regulated medical one. This means that the sex shops might not get their way soon, but when they do it will be a big step for Australia towards legal recreational weed.

The benefits for a country of legalizing marijuana far exceed the economic benefits anyway. The real benefits lie with fewer people in prison, higher employment rate and more resources available to the community. The truth of legalizing marijuana in Australia would be through the benefits the people receive, and the economy will naturally follow as a result.

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