It is somewhat counter intuitive, but the medical marijuana many people smoke to alleviate symptoms of anxiety disorder, can increase anxiety leaving consumers in a worse state than before they smoked. This is exactly what Brittany Riot describes in her YouTube video, where she provides four tips about how to avoid marijuana induced anxiety (specifically for people with diagnosed anxiety disorders).

Brittany has generalized and social anxiety disorder so all the tips she provides have worked for her. I am sure her tips would also be helpful for some of the the other 3.3 million American adults (1.5 percent of adult population) that suffer from an anxiety disorder and would prefer not to have their anxiety exacerbated by medicinal marijuana. Watch the video below.

1. Pick a mellow strain

Brittany suggests that “for obvious reasons” people with anxiety should not smoke a strain that is going to cause them panic attacks. She suggests indica dominant strains that are more relaxing and less heady. A super insightful point she makes is that many sativa dominant strains make her too aware of how high she is, which causes her anxiety.

2. Have plans while or after you smoke

Another critical suggestion is that if you already have anxiety and then you smoke and have nothing to do you might begin to focus on (bad) things going on around you, intensifying your anxiety. Therefore, it is wise to have plans to do  activities, hobbies or other tasks that will keep you focused.

3. Stay hydrated

To avoid cotton mouth, which Brittany says can be “scary or uncomfortable,” drink a lot of water!


When you’re smoking marijuana and don’t want to become more anxious than your normally are, just relax. The marijuana you have just consumed is not going to kill you or hurt you physically or mentally, so just sit back, enjoy, and RELAX!

Do you have anxiety when you smoke? Have you tried these helpful tips? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.