Terpene is the newest word on the tips of the tongues of those leading in marijuana technology, but are they really the secret to customizable highs? Before we had any technology to identify the different components of marijuana, we did not know what the constituent parts did. Now we are able to identify the role of THC in cannabis consumption, the role of the cannabinoid CBD and we have finally unlocked the presence of terpenes.

Cannabis 2.0, a revolution in cannabis technology is using terpenes to give the user a means with which to customize their psychedelic experience. This could completely change the way the marijuana consumer experiences this product and, therefore, change the way that people buy marijuana.

What are terpenes?

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Terpenes are the chemicals that are responsible for the different aromas in marijuana, and according to the creators of Cannabis 2.0, they are the part of marijuana that effects the mood. This works in much the same way as aromatherapy. Of course, it all began with the curiosity that the volume of THC in marijuana did not seem to have anything to do with the different moods experienced by different strains. Even though varying levels of THC makes marijuana stronger or weaker, what was responsible for the different kinds of highs experienced?

Charles Jones, Dave Georgis and David Lohndorf are the creators of Chooze Corp, whose one and only product is LucidMood. LucidMood works using the principle that terpenes are the secret behind the different moods experienced on marijuana. Using different cocktails of different terpenes, they have been able to give the user of choosing a mood that is going to enhance whatever it is they are going to do, from making love to going hiking.

Cannabis 2.0 – mood altering hemp palettes

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Jones, Georgis and Lohndorf identified that terpenes seem to have a stronger effect when they are combined with THC, and this is what makes the mood noticeably different in different strains of weed. They were able to derive terpenes from sources outside of cannabis and lace THC containing hemp palettes. Using the different pungent terpenes, Chooze Corp became the creators of a smoking experience that comes packed with the ability to customize.

Consumers need only to choose a hemp palette that suits the mood they are in or would like to be in and insert it into a vaporizer. Options will be moods such as “contentment”, “relaxation” and “body buzz”.  This means that almost any task can be enhanced by a smoking experience that is completely personalized to the user.

Cannabis is not all cannabinoids

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The major outcome from all of the research behind terpenes is that cannabinoids are not the only players in the marijuana game. Even though THC and CBD are compounds that contribute largely to the marijuana experience and its medicinal properties, there seems to be a synergistic relationship between the cannabinoids and the terpenes themselves.

“What is becoming more and more clear every day is the particular psychoactive properties of cannabis are not solely dependent on the cannabinoid profile. There is a synergistic effect between the cannabinoids and terpenes” – Steve DeAngelo at an ArcView event last year.

This means that using technology, the psychoactive properties of cannabis can now be manipulated through varying different levels of terpenes. This revolutionizes the smoking experience and how consumers buy marijuana at all.

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 Cannabis 2.0: Are Terpenes The Secret To Customized Highs?

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 Cannabis 2.0: Are Terpenes The Secret To Customized Highs?