Are you in the market for a new bong? How about a bong that will impress all of your friends? Well, look no further than the mason jar bong from Glass Lung. This bong is legit, check out the video below.

In her YouTube video, SilencedHippie shows viewers what a mason jar bong is and how to set it up for the ultimate toke.

The half-gallon mason jar, which is the basic jar sold by Glass Lung holds 5.5 lbs. of diffusion. Smoke gets split every which way as it bubbles up through the stones, which are placed within the jar.

The hose, which is pretty much a hose used for hookahs, attaches to the top of the jar. There’s a spot on the top of the jar that holds the bowl piece intact and a spot to hook in the hose. According to Glass Lung, the best way to maximize your bong smoking experience is to fill it half way with ice and then top it off with 1250 ml of water. For all you people who have a hard time measuring off hand, or are just too stoned to figure it out, the jar is labeled with different measurements. No math involved? Sounds good to me.

The best part about this mason jar bong is that it comes with a mason jar sized beer cozy to keep your hands warm, not to mention, it also helps with the condensation coming off of the jar. No slip grip is the way to do it and Glass Lung knows the deal.

Already have your own jar, epoxy, and stones/marbles? Purchase a Glass Lung kit that comes with everything else you will need to make the magic happen.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

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