Want to blaze in major fashion, but you aren’t a spliffigami expert? No worries! With the Spliffigami windmill joint by the Daily Smoker, you don’t have to be able to braid joints into tulips, and run through papers like a millionaire at the strip club. Try it out and be able to pull hits off four joints at the same time in just minutes!

Step 1: Frame

Cut a piece of sturdy paper in half, with a gradual curve on one side, leaving the other side alone. Roll this piece into a tube, and tape together, You can also do it like the guy in this video, and use the adhesive strips on rolling paper. Poke two sets of holes in the upper part of the tube, so that the opposite sides are at the same height, making 2 levels.

Step 2: Windmill arms

Take 2 long strips of paper and roll into thin tubes that will fit in the holes you put in the main body. poke air holes in the middle of the tubes, and slide them into the main body. Now you have your completed frame. Don’t forget to add that carb!

Step 3: Seal the top

The guy in the video uses several rolling papers to achieve this, but you can do the same thing with tape and another piece of paper cut into a circle to fit the top. Either way. You could also do it with a paper top to move the carb up there.

Step 4: Roll up the joints

Whether you like joints, blunts, or spliffs, it’s up to you. Just roll up 4 fatties with filters so the ends fit snugly into the arms of the windmill. I will give him this, the guy in the video knows how to roll a smooth joint!

Step 5: Light up your windmill joint

Now all you have to do is light each joint, and find a nice place to smoke on this windmill!

Do you like to smoke joints, spliffs, blunts, vapes, or bowls? Bongs, pipes, steamrollers? Would hitting one of these windmills put you down for the count? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

 Splifigami: How To Roll A Windmill Joint

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 Splifigami: How To Roll A Windmill Joint