There are numerous cannabis concentrates; cannabis oil, shatter, and wax are a few of them. As a cannabis user, it is so important to know what you are consuming. With the legal market constantly expanding, it is essential to keep up with the lastest trends and products. So, what are cannabis oil, shatter, and wax extracts? This is your guide.

Cannabis Oil

cannabisoil 1 Cannabis 101: What Are Cannabis Oil, Shatter, And Wax Extracts?
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Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains numerous cannabinoids, including the well-known THC and CBD cannabinoids. This type of oil is incredibly concentrated, more so than the cannabis flower and resin alone.

Due to its potency, cannabis oil can be used to treat a number of conditions, such as anxiety, multiple inflammatory diseases, epilepsy, and has even shown to impact the grown of cancers.

As more observations and research are conducted, it is becoming clear that cannabis oil will continue to have a positive impact in the medical community, both the fields of traditional and Western medicine.

Shatter and Wax extracts

shatter Cannabis 101: What Are Cannabis Oil, Shatter, And Wax Extracts?
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Shatter and Wax are so similar despite how different they look! Shatter has that dreamy translucent amber color, but while wax looks more like buttery. While they look different, both are extracted using cannabis buds and Butane. Additionally, both shatter and wax extracts are the cannabis concentrations used for dabbing.

Despite having different names, colors, and consistencies, both shatter and wax extract are known as Butane Hash Oils, or BHO’s. We do not recommend trying to make BHO’s at home because it can be dangerous.

That being said, the process for making these concentrates is nearly identical; buds are tightly packed into tubes and then blasted with butane. Then, butane extracts the hash oil from the bud. Next, for the safety of both the chef and future users, excess butane is evaporated. Lastly, oils are purged with heat, and a gooey substance is left behind.

Depending on the temperature used during the purge, either shatter or wax is created.  When dabbing with shatter and wax, temperatures also vary.

A few subtle differences between shatter and wax include:

  • Shatter is stable, but more difficult to manipulate when dabbing
  • Wax is less stable, but SO easy to work with
  • Shatter seems to last longer

Pick your concentrate

shatter 2 Cannabis 101: What Are Cannabis Oil, Shatter, And Wax Extracts?
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In the world of cannabis concentrates, there are so many options. Cannabis oil, shatter, and wax are all high quality and potent options for any user. Whether you are experiencing medical issues, or just looking for a great dab, there is a concentration for everyone.