That’s right, cannabis-infused cotton candy edibles are now a thing. Available by the tub or freshly spun, these things are guaranteed to satisfy your sugar craving at the same time as getting you lifted.

Cotton candy edibles pack a punch

Cotton Candy Edibles 1 Cotton Candy Edibles Are A Thing Now And Need To Be At Theme Parks
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With THC-infused cane sugar becoming a big hit recently in recreational states, it was only a matter of time for someone to spin up that sugar at the fair.

B-Edibles in San Diego have created cannabis-infused cotton candy edibles, so you can get that elevated feeling, all while feeling like a kid at a carnival.

The individual sized containers contain 100mg of THC, which for many beginners can be a little much for their first edible experience. But veterans will love the taste and the effects of the candy, and if you eat the whole thing you’ll have a nice sugar rush to go along with your high.

Made with organic cane sugar, the cotton candy comes in Rose, Watermelon, Lavender, and Apple flavors.

Organic cane sugar, organic flavors and lab-tested C02 oil means you can enjoy a B edible treat with delight. Naturally gluten, allergen free and non-gmo, our infused cotton candy is perfect for sensitive types who want to enjoy a delightful edible. – B-Edibles

B-Edibles also caters at events, so you can have freshly spun cannabis cotton candy at your next big gathering!