Whether it is tuna, coffee or heroin, if you have too much of anything, you can overdose. But how much of something does it take? The team from BuzzFeed have a cool video that explains just how much of each it takes.

How much does it take to overdose?

For a person that weighs 150 pounds, you’d have to smoke – or maybe even ingest – 40 cigarettes to overdose on the nicotine. Oh, for some chain smokers out there, that’s not a dare, either, so stop puffing on tobacco and try something else.

How about toothpaste? Yes, just plain old toothpaste. It’s something that is used by almost everyone, but it’s not something that we’d consider to be lethal – although, some of those ingredients do make you wonder, huh?

Of course, it is the fluoride that is the ingredient that will do you damage, but that doesn’t mean you should ingest the dozens of fluoride-free toothpaste, either.

Cigarettes and toothpaste are two things that you know aren’t good for you, period. But, you know, spinach? Who would have thought it could kill you. Remember, everything is lethal in the right – well, wrong – dose. Which is why Popeye saved it for certain occasions.

Then there are the things that are more likely to be associated with overdosing and doing you harm, such as heroin and alcohol, specifically vodka. The amount it takes to overdose is not as much as you would think, too, which is a scary thought when you consider how most people partied in their youth.

While some in society do use heroin and vodka in everyday life, another drug that is used by a big chunk of people is caffeine, which is also featured. Just how many cups would it take to make for a lethal dose of caffeine? The answer might shock you… or not.