Prepare yourself, because things are about to get skunky. Super Skunk is a pungent indica strain with some world-class heritage. Sedative and melty, this Super Skunk provides a couch-locking high with a jolly good headspace. New cannabis consumers should consider themselves warned. This flower provides serious mind and body relief and is not recommended for novices.

Strain details

Bred by the famous Sensi Seeds, Super Skunk was released in the 1990s and became a near instant Cannabis Cup award winner. Considered at least 80 percent indica, Super Skunk is the end product of a long breeding program.

Sensi Seeds had acquired several fresh Afghani landrace cultivars, which they crossed with Skunk strains in an attempt to combine the uplifting and aromatic qualities of Skunk strains with the fast-growing, heavy-hitting, and euphoric nature of Afghani flowers.

Super Skunk may not be the highest THC-producing strain on the shelf, but there is a lot more to potency than just psychoactive content. While this flower tends to produce up to 22 percent THC, its strength lies in its strongly drowsy yet dreamy effects.

This strain’s aroma offers the first hint about its potency. Super Skunk is one pungent flower, producing a stinky skunk-like aroma with hints of wood and a sticky sweetness on top.

While these fragrances may not sound pleasant to cannabis novices, Super Skunk provides a distinct scent that’s irresistible to die-hard cannabis fans.  Though, growers may want to invest in some carbon filters for this sensational flower.

The Super Skunk experience

Super Skunk Indica 1 Super Skunk: This Potent Indica Will Melt You To The Couch
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Super Skunk is recommended for experienced consumers searching for a hard-hitting cannabis experience. This flower’s drowsy effects make it appropriate for evening and nighttime use. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself dazed and yawning while trying to get work done.

This strain is slightly similar to its famous relative, Shiva Skunk, in that it tends to produce a more introspective experience, making it a great choice for a solo smoke session. However, those who enjoy passing around a vaporizer may appreciate the chuckles and mind-bending nature of this fragrant herb.

Those hoping to avoid overeating may want to steer clear of Super Skunk. Like many strains considered indica-dominant, this flower can cause a bad case of the munchies. While this is great for anyone who struggles to maintain appetite, it is the type of strain that will make you want to camp out on the couch with ice cream and a few of your favorite snacks.

Why do people use Super Skunk?

Super Skunk Indica 2 Super Skunk: This Potent Indica Will Melt You To The Couch
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Recreationally, this strain is an ideal selection for video games or a Netflix marathon. Perfect for when you’re in need of some very serious stress relief, Super Skunk promotes a heavy-body sensation that melts away worries, anxieties, and unwanted muscle tension. All in all, Super Skunk is an herb for rest and relaxation.

This flower’s strong effects make it popular among medical cannabis patients. Those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, or severe lack of appetite tend to appreciate the strong-armed effects of this bud. However, those seeking relief from mental ailments like depression and mild anxiety often take comfort in this strain’s mood-boosting effects.