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From the longest blunt to the biggest nug, these are the cannabis world records.

She watched her dad get arrested and sentenced to five years for his grow.


Many might call cannabis users “dopes,” but according to new research, women who consume cannabis actually have higher IQs than those who don’t.


Resölution has created a product that makes removing stubborn resin and stains from your bong as simple as rip, pour and store.


Researchers have discovered an interesting connection between breast milk, tea, and cannabis.

Breast Milk

Cashless transactions will allow Hawaii’s medical cannabis market to become safer and more transparent, and an easier time for patients.


A nearly decimated plant that once grew wild over acres and acres of land is reclaiming some territory. Hemp is growing wild once again in Pennsylvania.


The realization of the powerful benefits of medical cannabis continues to expand, even to the most unexpected places, like Pennsylvania’s Pastor of Pot.


After just two hits from the laced joint, this teenager from Florida began feeling like her lungs were filling up with fire.


After helping his family to grow weed to help his sick granddaughter, one officer abused his power by trying to get them arrested.


Despite information from the past, cannabis is not the gateway drug we need to worry about.

Gateway Drug

New research reveals more Americans than ever admit to not just trying cannabis, but also admitting to being daily consumers.


The Baking Supply Co. is a new company is offering a fun way for consumers to create their own delicious and healthy edibles at home.

Baking Supply Co

Two Harris County cops stopped a young woman and performed an eleven-minute roadside cavity search under the assumption she was carrying cannabis.

Harris County

With the results of this new study, Canadian scientists have once again shown the importance of medical cannabis in treating chronic pain.

chronic pain

Lab studies have proven CBD targets certain pathways in Leukemia cells, but it also has the power to adhere to those cancer cells and destroy them.

Leukemia cells

We’ve probably all been guilty of breaking at least one of these rules, but following them will certainly lead to pure happiness.

Dr. Dina

Oakland has begun the groundbreaking process of offering amends to those individuals incarcerated for certain cannabis crimes.


In an attempt to stave off drug use at a young age, the DEA will begin offering a special prize to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.


The downward slope of crime is likely to continue, as more states continue the trend of ushering in the legalization of cannabis.

Reduces Crime

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