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7 Ways To Cure A High That’s Now Way Too Intense

These simple techniques will come in handy the next time you find yourself in a situation that feels a little too intense, and left you a little too high.

We’ve all made the mistake of overindulging on cannabis once or twice before. Nausea, light-headedness, dizziness and paranoia are all signs there may have been a little too much THC ingested. Some people are lucky enough to never experience these anxiety-causing effects, but it can be downright scary for those who do. Whether you’re a veteran smoker or just starting out, here are seven ways to cure a high that’s not way too intense.

1. Remain relaxed

This might sound like something that is easier said than done, and it is, but using breathing techniques to remain calm can help to lessen a high. Try taking a deep breath, hold it for four to five seconds and exhale completely. After a few soothing inhales, the influx of oxygen will help the brain and body to regulate, weakening the high.

2. Water

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Hydration can be the key to avoiding overindulgence symptoms altogether. Drinking enough water keeps everything flowing smoothly inside our systems. When we become dehydrated, our bodies do all kinds of crazy things, like cause stomachaches, headaches, and dizziness, some of the same feelings we get when too high. If you find yourself struggling to come down from a high, reach for some H2O.

3. Pepper

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This has been a household remedy for paranoia and anxiety for decades. Chewing on black peppercorns has shown to significantly relieve THC tensions, so always keep some handy for just such occasions.

4. Get outside

Being cooped up all day is enough to make even non-smokers a little stir crazy. If the cannabis’ effects are hitting a little harder than normal, try getting out into nature and go for a walk. The fresh air will help to dissipate any uneasy feelings.

5. Shower power

Taking a shower, or a bath, can help to relax a high. The soothing water seems to wash away any feelings of nausea and paranoia. Breathing in the steam is also a great way to replenish oxygen levels in the body, while providing hydration, too.

6. Citrus

Citrus fruits, like lemons or limes, are great at cutting down a high that has gotten too intense. Simply pop a piece of the fruit in your mouth, try to endure the sourness and keep the citrus there as long as you can. The enzymes help to reduce THC effects and leave breathe zesty fresh.

7. The elixir of life

Most of us drink three or four cups of this a day already, but I bet you didn’t know it could bring down a high. Coffee is one of the most effective tools for reducing a high that has gotten too intense. The sobering properties of these beans can be felt almost instantly, leaving users alert and focused, rather than paranoid and nauseous.

How do you come down from a high that is too intense? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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