Do These Snacks From The ’90s Make You Feel Nostalgic?

Even with the munchies, do these childhood snacks taste as good as they did when we were kids?

Jul 5, 2016
Childhood Snacks

Have you been missing some of the classic childhood snacks many of us grew up with? Are you too young to remember the simple pleasure of Gushers exploding? Buzzfeed’s High Guys, along with a few new friends, try all the exciting snacks of the ‘90s after achieving a thoroughly elevated mindset. While the treats may have tasted phenomenal as a child, somehow they’re just not the same now. Grab a Fruit By The Foot and unwind, while watching high people try ‘90s snacks.

Lunch goals

The teams of two begin by remembering their favorite snacks from childhood. An overwhelming majority can’t help but mention those squishy, oozy, sweet Gushers we all loved as an after-lunch snack. While this particular treat is still available today, the High People were clearly unaware, and dreams were made after Brandon Brickz consumed his Gushers.

I can die a happy man, I can. I’ve lived my dream. I smoked a blunt from Snoop Dogg before, that was my first part where I’d be cool with dying, now this.


More surprising than anything was that, while the snacks brought back a nostalgic feel, they tasted nothing like the High People remembered. The Gushers had a plastic taste, the Surge left an oily residue and the Kool-Aid Bursts simply tasted “blue,” and not in good way. One member even described the Fun Dip taste like, “Someone spilled a strawberry daiquiri on sand.”

The overly-sugared candies and drinks are enough to make any adult wonder how kids eat these kinds of things every day and remain functioning. Even with munchies, this group of High People didn’t enjoy the sugar-infused snacks.

After experiencing the many interactive, not-so-good snacks, the High People came to a unanimous decision about treats of the ‘90s.

It’s not about how it tastes, it’s how it makes you feel…It was more about color than flavor, if you know what I’m saying.

What is your favorite childhood snack from the ‘90s? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 5, 2016