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Since weed is still illegal at the federal level, the government doesn’t consider the weed industry an industry at all.

cannabis industry

Between 2008 and 2016, 35 states simultaneously shrunk their prison population and brought down crime rates.


“It’s not for me to say only this condition can have it, or only that one,” said one government official.


Last year, a state agency sent fraudulent letters to stores selling CBD oil threatening them with fines.


Twenty-nine states have legal weed, but only three allow it at schools for medical reasons.


Oftentimes, dispensaries and dealers don’t even know what they’re selling.


It all started cause she just really wanted to meet Snoop.

Marc Emery is arguably Canada’s most important cannabis activist.

marc emery

The number of ER visits among dogs spiked in Colorado with the expansion of medical marijuana.


As weed becomes more accepted, the people who use it do too.


People do it all the time.

Drug Dealers in the UK are using the mail system

The bud comes in winter goodie bags with coats and other essentials.


Clunky metal grinders are a thing of the past.

How one guy who loved pot invented an award-winning grinder

It doesn’t matter if weed’s legal if you can’t buy it.

It’s not that simple.

Man spraying pesticides on cannabis plants

“Normal people need food, we need [ganja],” said one attendee at the holy Hindu festival Maha Shivaratri.

A Hindu Sadhu (holy man) smokes marijuana from a clay pipe as a holy offering for Lord Shiva

Lesotho, a small country nestled inside the borders of South Africa, has legalized medical marijuana. Who will be next on the continent?

Africa is on the verge of a weed race, especially in Morocco

Most people who live in the state support pot for medical purposes. Advocates are sick of waiting for politicians to do something about it.

Missouri is trying to get medical marijuana legalized again

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