Nicolle Hodges

The heir to the Anheuser-Busch name, best known for Budweiser, has decided to pursue cannabis instead.

A crop of cannabis plants being pruned under artificial lights at a facility in Oregon. An Anheuser-Busch recently announced he's getting into the cannabis industry

The meaning of life, and other philosophical questions, for the next time you and your friends have good weed and time to kill.

Close-up photo of mid-adult man smoking cigarette in the dark. He appears deep in thought, likely pondering one of life's many philosophical questions.

Dan Bilzerian — the high roller known for his hyper-sexual social media antics — has entered the cannabis industry whether the world likes it or not.

Controversial social media star, Dan Bilzerian, has launched his cannabis company.

‘Noisy brain’ is when you can’t quell the stream of thoughts that keep a brain from resting.

Cannabis user could have something called 'noisy brain' new research suggests, in the continuous debate about whether cannabis helps with sleep or not.

Cooking with cannabis won’t obliterate the potency of the THC so long as you play within the right temperatures.

Cannabis flower on a cooking sheet being inserted into an oven. In this article, Herb explores if cooking with cannabis gets rid of the THC.

Hotels are tapping into the cannabis market by embracing the CBD craze.

A chef measures the dose of CBD cannabis extract as he prepares medicated food. In this article, Herb explores how Hotels are tapping into the cannabis market by offering CBD Room Service.

Potent edibles and poor public education are to blame for a spike in emergency room visits.

Man in the ICU after surgery. In this article, Herb explores how cannabis edibles have spiked emergency room visits.

Canadian police have expressed concerns they won’t be able to enforce high driving rules. According to Statistics Canada, they may be right.

A recent survey found one in seven Canadians have driven high. Here, man is shown driving

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