R.R. Noall

A teaching job brought me to Denver, and I somehow ended up working in the hemp business (crazy, right?). I am currently pursuing a career as a writer while working in marketing! Loving life at a mile high :)


Vets are pretty much still on their own.


With dozens of successful writers and journalists, the creative community clearly does not adhere to the lazy “pothead” stereotype. Maybe it never did.

Potty Pensioner Puffs A Joint A Day For Fifty Years

According to a new study, some thinning agents used to make cannabis oil more bioavailable to the body in vaporizers are far safer than others.


If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the 29 legal states, don’t let any of these medical cannabis myths stop you from taking advantage of the plant.

Medical Cannabis Myths

Regardless of your reasons behind exploring this very common question, it’s important to know the answer. So, does cannabis really affect your appetite?


If your weed has passed the visual, smell, and tactile tests, please enjoy it. Also, count your lucky stars, because more often than not, weed will go bad.


Knowing why bleached rolling papers are harmful, as well as some alternatives, is key if you decide to keep rolling those joints.

Bleached Rolling Papers

It appears as though Denver will finally begin licensing its first cannabis clubs soon – by the end of the month in fact.

Cannabis Clubs

Does vaping still impact those around you? Let’s set everyone straight – it’s time for a cannabis Mythbusters: Is secondhand vapor harmful?

Secondhand Vapor

While mostly related to the anti-tobacco campaigns taking place throughout the Northeast, these anti-vaping laws will definitely impact you if you vape.

Anti-Vaping Laws

If you’ve been around cannabis for longer than five seconds, you’ve probably taken a side in the debate: what’s more effective: big bong rips or small hits?

Big Bong Rips

No matter how you decide to enjoy cannabis, one thing is for sure: you want to absorb the most THC possible! Here’s how to increase your THC absorption.

THC Absorption

As you plan your highly anticipated visit to Colorado, you are going to need some guidance. Here is the complete weed smokers guide to visiting Colorado.


If you like to smoke joints, you’ve probably had a joint canoe before. If not, you are either very lucky or have no idea what I’m talking about.

canoeing joint

Whether they have been diagnosed by a medical professional, or experience day-to-day anxiety, cannabis is an answer for some people looking for relief.


While temple balls look like a lot of fun, they pack a punch. Like any concentrate, temple balls are not for the infrequent smoker looking to get high.

Temple Balls

While hotboxing is an activity that occurs every day in basements, closets, and in cars, does it truly make you higher? Let’s settle this once and for all.


The world of concentrates is complex, especially due to their potency. If you have a low tolerance, or smoke very casually, should you smoke concentrates?

Low Tolerance

CBD oil continues to grow in popularity, and the guidelines concerning its uses, benefits, and most importantly dosage remain real questions.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that could potentially boost appetite. For those suffering from various medical conditions, can CBD help?


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