Roni Stetter

Roni is a longtime activist, wellness lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur in the cannabis space, local to San Diego, California. She loves trying as many new cannabis products and apps as she possibly can, and sharing that information with the world.

Eaze is a California-based mobile app that delivers cannabis in 20 minutes or less. Simple, great selection, and a sweet new patient deal.


Both have a sleek and sexy design. Both have high-tech adjustable temperature controls. Which personal vaporizer will win?

personal vaporizer

VapeXhale EVO is truly best in class for both flowers and oil, which can help save you a ton of money and reduce the number of devices you need to own.


There are many benefits to snacking on shelled, raw cannabis seeds that you may not know. Sprinkle on top of your favorite snacks, and you won’t be sorry.

Raw Cannabis Seeds

There’s still a huge learning curve for consumers of edibles when it comes to dosage control – and an enjoyable, well-timed edible high.

edible high

Meadow is an easy way for patients to get a recommendation securely via telehealth, or video chat, then order cannabis from a local dispensary.


Stoners are known to be inventive with their fashion sense, forming apparel brands that speak to all walks of life, one standout being Humboldt Clothing.

humboldt clothing

In Doobious Sources, two stoned freelancers are caught up in the “fake news” cycle when one of their hot stories presses the buttons of a powerful man.

doobious sources

Cannabis connoisseurs, check out these unique products by vaporizer company Arizer. Clean, high-tech and fully customizable.


It’s official: the herb grinder market has just been disrupted. The ANAXY STAR will impress your friends – even before they see it in action.


Sick of cannabis pipes that don’t meet your needs? Genius Pipe offers a beautiful, high-tech hand pipe that takes consuming flower to the next level.

Genius Pipe

The Kind Pen DREAM is a sleek and gorgeous portable vaporizer for concentrates; perfect for the cannaseur who loves to stand out and be swagged out.

Kind Pen DREAM

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