How Meadow Is Changing The Way We Buy Weed
Learn | 08.14.2019

How Meadow Is Changing The Way We Buy Weed

Meadow is an easy way for patients to get a recommendation securely via telehealth, or video chat, then order cannabis from a local dispensary.

Who do you trust to deliver your cannabis? Here in California, everybody is still celebrating a momentous legalization victory. However, shops likely won’t be open until 2018, at the earliest. Until then, current medical patients must continue to take steps to maintain legal status and obtain medicine legally. When it comes to getting a recommendation and convenient online cannabis ordering, Meadow has all your bases covered.

21st-century recommendation appointment

Meadow: 21st-century recommendation appointment

Meadow is a full-service online medical marijuana business platform that is totally changing the way dispensaries communicate with their patients. It’s a quick, professional and discreet way for patients to get a doctor’s recommendation securely via telehealth, or video chat, then order cannabis for on-demand home delivery.

I’ve been a patient for around seven years now, treating chronic pain from multiple sports injuries. My latest physician’s recommendation expired at the end of October, and I knew I’d have to renew.

After considering my options, I decided to try Meadow MD.

Getting my recommendation was quick, simple, and – dare I say it? Actually a pretty fun experience.

The doctor and I chatted about my symptoms, how I use cannabis, and further treatments I could ask my primary care physician about. He even shared some suggestions for cannabis tinctures that I could try for the pain.

We waved goodbye, and within minutes, my email pinged with a treatment plan and copy of my brand new, one-year recommendation.

Hassle-free ordering

Meadow: Hassle-free ordering

Getting medicine from one of Meadow’s in-network dispensaries is simpler and more fun than ordering a pizza. Yes, Meadow facilitates home deliveries, but more than that, the software platform really makes it easier for dispensaries to bring in new business.

Whatever you choose, Meadow’s menu platform makes it a breeze to browse dispensaries in your area. Products are broken up into flower, concentrate and edible categories, and you can clearly tell that each product is high quality, with professional packaging and even lab testing results listed on many products.

The day after my recommendation appointment, I found three dispensary menus on within my area of San Diego. After clicking around through the various dispensaries’ options, I settled on one that had a delicious-looking Trainwreck sativa flower and a spread of attractive concentrates.

I made my final decisions, “added to cart” and submitted my order, just like online shopping. Instantly, I started receiving communications from Meadow via text, enlightening me as to what time my delivery driver would be there. It even offered me a chance to “track” my delivery driver’s progress!

From browsing the menu to having the goods in my hands, the entire Meadow ordering process takes less than an hour. Given my experiences, I definitely plan on ordering through Meadow again.

Meadow: Providing A Needed Service

Meadow: Providing A Needed Service

I was excited to find out Meadow also makes software that’s powering the back-end of dispensaries and delivery services across California. If you’re a patient in California, there’s a good chance Meadow Platform is humming in the background of your local dispensary right now.

Meadow Platform is a fantastic tool for dispensaries to increase their business, put their great products on display, and get patients in and out of their store much more efficiently.

With Meadow’s technology, dispensaries are able to host a detailed menu for delivery and take-out orders directly on their own website. Patients can browse the menu, fill their carts, and then get their meds delivered or have them waiting at the counter when they arrive at their favorite weed shop.

I was able to check out the Meadow Platform ordering experience, courtesy of A Green Alternative dispensary. I made my selections on the computer at home, right on the dispensary’s website, and the order was ready for pick up by the time I made it to the shop on my afternoon errand run. This feature allows you to save some serious time on your dispensary trips!

Meadow is seriously changing the way we buy medicine – for the better. It’s the perfect solution for polite, professional, personalized cannabis ordering in a time crunch.

You can tell them I sent you by using this referral code. It comes with a $10 discount off your first Meadow order.

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