Sera Jane Ghaly

Eccentric absurdist is probably the best way I can describe me! Born to travel, adventure and entertain the curiosities of life. I'm deeply connected with music, literature and the arts and I look to them in search of inspiration. Number one person on my Wishlist to smoke a joint with: Joe Rogan!

A hilarious compilation of anti-cannabis commercials over the last 20 years.

What causes the red-eye phenomenon that you get from smoking weed, and what can you do to avoid them.

In a new BBC documentary dolphins are displaying behaviors that looks a lot like getting stoned under water!

Ever wondered what a night in LA’s weed social club looks like? We take a look into the coolest place to medicate.

A man from the UK avoids jail time for his cannabis growing operation for the funniest reason.

Roseanne Barr is the next celebrity to get into the cannabis industry, with the possibility of opening a dispensary this year.

The marijuana industry is turning into one of the most lucrative businesses for states around the USA, as Colorado reaches almost $1 billion in sales last year for legal marijuana.

Britain’s people and politicians are doing all they can to bring about change for those who could benefit from a medical marijuana program.

The latest announcement about the progress of the marijuana economy states that Americans spent more money on legal weed last year than they did on their favorite munchies – Cheetos, Doritos and Funyuns.

The fact is that sex shops in Australia already sell all kinds of products to cannabis enthusiasts, such as fashion accessories, pipes and other paraphernalia. All that’s missing is the bag of herb, and the sex industry is suggesting a positive change in Australia through the sale of cannabis.

The family of a 26 year old man from Deltona are fighting for justice after he was shot in the face by a police officer.

The Emerald cup is a true example of the amazing cannabis culture that has been nurtured all these years to bring us to where we are today.

This exercise would see a combined effort from both law enforcement and the marijuana movement to move towards what the world has been working towards for a long time.

Taking a look at the history of medical cannabis use gives some perspective on what we are doing with it today, and how we are doing it.

Canada has developed the world’s most eco-friendly car, and it’s made entirely from hemp.

Darren Miller from Granite City swears that cannabis oil was the cure for cancer that his doctors had labelled as “incurable”.

Check out this exploration video of Jamaican weed, and just how much you can score for as little as $20.

To celebrate the arrival of winter (if that’s a thing to celebrate…) Josh from Strain Central shows us how to make a snow bong.

snow bong

This Thursday the first medical marijuana dispensary opens in New York after the state approved the opening of five different medical marijuana dispensaries in July.

The DEA have announced that restrictions on researchers to conduct studies on cannabis could be eased, giving much more freedom to researchers conducting studies on CBD.

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