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Best Dispensaries In Edmond, Oklahoma

Find your medicine at these five cannabis dispensaries in Edmond, Oklahoma.

It didn’t take long for Oklahoma’s cannabis space to start booming. Since the state legalized medical cannabis in 2018, dispensaries have been popping up left and right. 

Although recreational use still isn’t legal in Oklahoma, there are thousands of medical patients searching for the best products for their specific conditions. We’ll help make that search a bit easier. 

Below you’ll find our list of the top 5 dispensaries in Edmond, Oklahoma. Stop by and see what’s in store for you. 

Likewise Cannabis Broadway

Photo By Likewise Cannabis Broadway

If you’re a fan of exotic flower, connoisseur extracts, and mouthwatering edibles, stop by Likewise Cannabis Broadway

Located at 412 S Broadway, this medical dispensary constantly has deals going on, and their friendly staff is happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about a product. 

Speaking of products, Likewise has an impressive selection packed with high-quality medical-grade products designed for every possible need. 

The Peak Edmond Dispensary

Photo By The Peak Edmond Dispensary

Looking for a modern and upscale cannabis retail experience? Stop by The Peak Edmond Dispensary and see what they have in store for you.

Besides their tasteful interior design, this medical cannabis dispensary at 925 W I-35 Frontage Road focuses on helping you find the highest quality products in the state. 

They offer products of all formats, and their knowledgeable staff is prepared to answer any questions about which products are ideal for your specific situation. They offer a refreshing dispensary experience that’s simply unmatched.

Origins Cannabis Edmond Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Photo By Cole Young

Origins Cannabis Edmond Medical Marijuana Dispensary is all about charting a new generation of cannabis retail. 

Located at 2100 E 2nd Street, this dispensary has earned quite the reputation for being one of the friendliest cannabis retailers, with a highly knowledgeable staff that knows every product like the back of their hand. 

They’ve even coined their own standard for quality dubbed “Origins Certified,” meaning they only carry the absolute freshest, cleanest, and most effective cannabis products on the market.

Frontier Medicine

Photo By Frontier Medicine

In downtown Edmond by the railroad near the Rodkey Flour Tower and the UCO campus, Frontier Medicine is a pharmacist-owned and operated designer dispensary. Sitting at 200 W 2nd Street, this dispensary offers various cannabis products for any patient and condition. 

They also specialize in senior care, but patients of all ages are invited to experience their 100% lab-tested and premium-quality cannabis products. Plus, their interior design and the overall retail experience here are refreshing.

The Cannabis Refinery Dispensary

Photo By The Cannabis Refinery Dispensary

At 180 W 15th Street lies one of Edmond’s finest medical marijuana retailers, The Cannabis Refinery Dispensary. Their engaging interior design and delightful staff are a breath of fresh air, and their premium quality products speak for themselves. 

This medical marijuana retailer strives to provide dedicated care, service, and top-quality cannabis products to their patients. They’re on a mission to be a safe and reliable resource for the community, helping medical marijuana patients achieve the comfort and care they deserve.

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