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Best Dispensaries In Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best of the South. We've listed 5 of the best dispensaries in town.

Little Rock is renowned for its extensive history, stunning surroundings, and lively culture. If you’re into some naturalistic activities, we suggest taking a stroll through the scenic Riverfront Park, which offers stunning views of the Arkansas River.

It would be impossible to visit Little Rock without trying some local cuisine. Every foodie can find something to enjoy in Little Rock, from traditional Southern fares like fried chicken and biscuits to fusion food and craft cocktails.

However, a little medical marijuana could take your experiences to new heights. Check out the best dispensaries in Little Rock, Arkansas, below.

Your CBD Store | SUNMED

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There are few dispensaries in town that focus their attention on CBD. CBD is an important alternative for many medical conditions, and having a specialized dispensary is a huge relief.

Your CBD store has helped the Little Rock community with many alternatives to traditional medicine, and thanks to them, many citizens and visitors have experienced the healing properties of cannabis.

Expect a wide variety of CBD products, as well as Delta 8 and even some other cannabinoids at Your CBD Store. They can be found at 17711 Chenal Pkwy, L-113.

This place is a good alternative for those who are starting in the world of cannabis. They have a team full of experienced cannabis counselors that can help you find the best solution for every situation.

Native Green

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Native Green believes in all the beneficial properties of cannabis. They want every visitor to leave with the correct information and eliminate all the stigma surrounding this plant.

Every visit to Native Green has a purpose, and their amazing team ensures that every client leaves well taken care of. They have an amazing menu full of the best edibles, vapes, flowers, topical products, concentrates, and more.

Native Green is located at 3720 Cantrell Rd., next to Alsop Park, a beautiful natural space perfect for a walk after smoking some Native Green products. There are also tons of fast-food restaurants around if you get the munchies.

Berner's by Good Day Farm

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Berner’s by Good Day Farm has brought the Little Rock community a modern dispensary with so many excellent products. They have the most impressive facilities in town—a place where every stoner wants to stay all day long.

Their first store opened in 2021. They have, since then, assisted every visitor in finding the best medical alternatives using cannabis products.

Berner’s by Good Day Farm has a diverse menu that is mostly composed of its brand’s products. They have an amazing selection of premium flowers, blunts, and pre-rolls, some award-winning gummies, and other delicious edibles


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Greenlight is an amazing medical cannabis dispensary. If you don’t know exactly how to ease your condition and medicine has not helped you, Greenlight can help you find a solution.

For patients who require some relief or assistance with their ailments, this dispensary’s astounding menu is full of products to celebrate. They are located at 7303 Kanis Road; truth be told, this dispensary may be one of the best facilities in town.

Thanks to dispensaries like Greenlight, the Little Rock community can have safe and affordable access to the best cannabis products. It has a modern design and a great staff to connect you with your needs.

Natural Relief

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When people who want to help the community work together, great things happen. Natural Relief is the result of a partnership that’s on a mission to offer the best cannabis experiences for people who really needed it.

They wanted to make an impact and boost the use of cannabis in the state. Now, they are one of the most important dispensaries. Not only are they reliable, but they are also making a huge impact on cannabis education in the community.

Their store is located at 3107 E. Kiehl Ave., Sherwood, just a couple of minutes away from Little Rock. If you like cannabis, Natural Relief is your new haven. They have built an incredible team that is not only ready to help you with cannabis products but with all the information you need about this amazing plant.

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