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Best Dispensaries In Santa Rosa, CA

Welcome to Santa Rosa, California, a beautiful and sunny city where everything shines. A place perfect for lighting up a joint and enjoying all the things this city has to offer.

Santa Rosa is famous for its amazing vineyards, rolling hills, and relaxing environment. Every day feels like a holiday in this wonderful city. Santa Rosa has managed to get on the list of the 100 best cities to live in the US. It has so many things to offer, including a big cannabis culture.

Put some sunscreen on, because you are going to enjoy the Californian sun. Then, go take a visit to the best dispensaries in town. We were able to locate dispensaries where you can not only find the best cannabis products, but also have astounding experiences.


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SPARC is the kind of dispensary that every stoner loves. They have lots of deals, affordable prices, the best selection of cannabis products, and outstanding customer service.

Thanks to all these factors, the Santa Rosa community has voted SPARC the best dispensary in the city. Their store is located at 1061 North Dutton Ave. It has very easy access, parking on site, and is near downtown. Their store is small and cozy, with a great team behind it.

You can find the best cannabis brands in California at SPARC. You can also enjoy their proprietary products. The best cannabis products in Sonoma County can be found in their facilities.  If you’re looking for something simple but accurate, SPARC is your best option.

Doobie Night (Theme)

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Most of the time you visit a dispensary, you just want to buy something and leave. Doobie Night has managed to create a space unlike any other dispensary.

They also wanted to create a space for the community where people felt comfortable and could get together thanks to cannabis. Their only store is located at 3011 Santa Rosa Ave., Suite A. This place is a space-themed store with a lot of visual stimulation.

The perfect plan for people with nothing much to do is to buy themselves a pre-roll to go outside, light it up, and then come back in for an outer space experience. Prepare yourself for a time with the community, where the best cannabis and the best people come together.

Flor Terra

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Flor Terra is a dispensary built around the love for cannabis. They are pioneers in cannabis cultivation and have built a community based on education, connections, and a healthy lifestyle. They are located at 1825 Empire Industrial Ct., Ste. A, a beautiful neighborhood that keeps the essence of the beautiful city of Santa Rosa.

Everything around Flor Terra has a purpose; for example, their store has been carefully designed to stimulate relaxation and creativity. Every process and product is as organic as it can be, and their cultivation meets the highest standards.

Dispensaries like Flor Terra are perfect for stoners who want to feel closer to what they are smoking. Every product you buy here has been carefully selected, making it safe and with better effects.

Aloha Aina

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Every visit to Aloha Aina has the potential to be a memorable one. They are located at 1954 Piner Rd., Santa Rosa, Ca., in a vibrant neighborhood with so much to offer.

Aloha Aina is a modern cannabis dispensary that offers a wide variety of cannabis products. You’ll find a Jack in the Box, a couple Asian restaurants, and some pizza joints across the street. This is perfect for the munchies you-ll get after smoking their stuff.

Aside from the restaurants nearby, just two blocks away there is a recreational center full of fun things to do. Buy yourself some weed at Aloha Aina, grab a couple of friends, and go have some fun with arcade machines and trampoline parks at Poppy Bank Epicenter.

Mercy Wellness

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Mercy Wellness is one of the little cannabis dispensaries that focuses on helping medical patients. They are trained to help with any special condition that traditional medicine cannot treat.

Their main focus is the senior population of the Cotati and Santa Rosa communities. They also work toward education and safe access to cannabis products through volunteer activities and donations.

In Mercy Wellness, you are going to find just the best cannabis products, and recreational users are also welcome. They are located at 900 Santa Rosa Ave. Their store is impressive, it looks like an art gallery with modern decoration and big shelves. Don’t be afraid of asking for advice, their budtenders are well-trained to give you all the information you need.

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