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Best Dispensaries In Uxbridge, MA

This place is full of nature and incredible people, so it's probably best that you know what the best dispensaries in town are.

One of the must-visit places in Uxbridge is the Purgatory Chasm State Reservation. Due to its unique geological formation of towering cliffs and narrow tunnels, this natural wonder is a great place for hiking and rock climbing. What a perfect plan after smoking a good joint!

The Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park is yet another well-liked Uxbridge tourist destination. This park has historical exhibits on the Blackstone River Valley in addition to a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

We have listed five of the best dispensaries near the town, where you can get the best cannabis products and enjoy everything Uxbridge has to offer.

Eskar Northbridge

Photo courtesy of Eskar Northbridge

There are a lot of factors that can make a regular dispensary stand out from the others. Things like location, variety of products, easy access, or interior design can help determine which dispensary to visit.

Eskar has all of them and more. It is conveniently located at 400 Commerce Dr., Northridge, just 10 minutes away from Uxbridge, and near Mendon and Douglas. At their location, there are a lot of fast food joints a couple of minutes away, perfect for the munchies.

Eskar’s store has a beautiful modern design with a lot of wood details and showcases full of only the best cannabis products. They have on-site parking and tons of daily deals, which are perfect for trying new products.

Blackstone Valley Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Blackstone Valley Cannabis

Blackstone Valley is a small local dispensary that makes an effort to keep its business away from big corporations. They believe that local people making local cannabis is the best way to connect with the community and have respect for this amazing plant.

Blackstone Valley manufactures all of its products. They follow the highest standards, without using any harmful processes that could harm cannabis. They offer the best cannabis products in all of Uxbridge and the best advice.

Blackstone Valley is located at 79 River Rd., Uxbridge, in a beautiful warehouse that looks like a workshop with modern showcases and a minimalistic design. Blackstone Valley should be an example for other small businesses that are trying to do things well. This is a must-visit dispensary if you are ever in Uxbridge.

Garden Wonders

Photo courtesy of Garden Wonders

Garden Wonders is the perfect place for those stoners who like to connect with nature. This amazing dispensary is located at 1 Buxton Street, Millville, just a few minutes away from the Blackstone River.

Every visit to Garden Wonders is like visiting a family house; they have a very welcoming environment where every stoner can feel safe. This place is perfect to isolate yourself a bit from reality, light up a joint, and enjoy a connection with the water and nature.

Garden Wonder offers the best cannabis products at the most competitive prices. They are a small local business that focuses on offering products made only by local cultivators. Garden Wonder promotes local talent, and they work every day with the main purpose of creating a close community.


Photo courtesy of Botera

Botera is a top-class dispensary with incredible facilities that invite you to stay inside for a long time. They have a wide variety of cannabis products that can fit every customer request and a loyalty program that promotes trying new things without spending more.

Inside Botera, they have a coworking area where you can relax and work for a bit after buying some products. Botera can be found at 1256 W. Central St., Suite 6, Franklin, which is only 20 minutes away from Uxbridge.

This location is very convenient because of all the interesting places nearby. There are multiple things to do after you buy yourself some weed. There is the Franklin State Forest for a naturist gateway, as well as a trampoline and adventure park, and a couple of malls perfect for the munchies or for shopping.

Green N´Go

Photo courtesy of Green N´Go

Green N’Go is a recreational dispensary located at 454 Quaker Hwy, Uxbridge. At Green N’Go, you are going to find the best variety of flowers, edibles, topicals, beverages, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

Green N’ Go has a 4.7-star rating at Google Reviews, which reflects how good their products and their service are. They offer the best brands in the state, and they have an amazing team full of budtenders ready to help you with anything you need.

Every visit to Green N’Go is a wholesome experience, full of the best products and the best attention. Their shop is small, but it has everything a stoner requires. If you are ever in Uxbridge, Green N’Go should be on your to-visit list.

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