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Best Dispensaries In Wareham, MA

Wareham is a lovely town on Massachusetts's south coast and is a must-see for cannabis enthusiasts. Prepare for nature and amazing food after you visit some of the best dispensaries in town.

Wareham is home to some of the best cannabis dispensaries in the state, and it has a distinct blend of small-town charm and urban culture. This town is full of nature and history, plus gorgeous sites to visit while high.

If you’re looking for some wonderful places to visit, we suggest starting with the Wareham Village Historic District. In this area, you can find historic homes, quaint shops, and eateries offering freshly caught seafood, perfect for the munchies you’ll get.

Spillane Field, where the Wareham Gatemen play, is a terrific site to watch a game and eat some of the town’s delectable seafood. Another option for a stroll is Burgess Park, which is close by and provides lovely views of the Weweantic River.

Go ahead and get yourself a good joint and explore everything Wareham has to offer. We’ve listed five of the best dispensaries in the area. This plan is perfect after smoking or eating some cannabis bought at some of the best dispensaries in town.

Nature's Medicine

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Nature’s is a dispensary that focuses its service on helping people understand the benefits of cannabis for their bodies. Their store is located at 3119 Cranberry Highway, East Wareham. At Nature’s, they want you to leave with a possible solution for any of your problems.

Nature’s Medicine uses a lot of resources for research that can help them comprehend and develop all the products they sell; it is more than just a recreational dispensary. They have a team of scientists who work every day looking for solutions or treatments based on cannabis.

This dispensary is the best option for those who have any condition that traditional medicine cannot treat. All the products they sell have more than a recreational purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask any of their amazing employees for advice, they are all trained and ready to give you the best attention.


Photo courtesy of Verilife

Verilife is a large marijuana dispensary chain with locations in Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They have developed their brand with excellent cannabis products and good service.

Big dispensaries like Verilife offer some security and confidence; they have grown together with the community and are aware of the needs and how to treat people.

Their Wareham dispensary is located at 112 Main Street, a perfect spot for going for a walk after buying yourself a good, big joint. Their store is very close to Beese Park and Pier; this spot is perfect for sitting on a bench and spending some time thinking and looking at the Wareham River.

Trade Roots

Photo courtesy of Trade Roots

Trade Roots dispensary is all about elegance and exceptional customer service. They provide a huge variety of fine craft and commercial cannabis in a quaint beach town setting.

Trade Roots has put a lot of effort into creating the ideal customer experience and making sure that everyone who uses cannabis will feel at home there. In addition to providing you with the best cannabis products, this location has a fantastic atmosphere that will entice you to stay and stay a while.

The Trade Roots dispensary is situated in Wareham at 6 Thatcher Ln. They have a top-notch garden and laboratory where the finest marijuana is processed. Visitors to their store can see one of their grow rooms through a large window behind the counter. They created an atmosphere that reflected the south coast’s heritage, with nautical paintings and ocean scenes created by local artists around the grow room.


Photo courtesy of Capeway

Capeway is the first women-owned cannabis dispensary in the region. They have built a business based on respect, trust, and safety.

Their mission is to provide every visitor with not only the best products but also all the information required for a responsible and safe experience. They can be found at 307 Tremont St, just a few minutes from Wareham.

Capeway is a small business with a big heart. They have a caring team that is always available for any advice or guidance needed. Their store has some kind of surf theme with a curious floor that looks like a beach. The place is very comfortable—nothing too big or fancy, but with all a stoner needs. As they say, “Get ready to ride the wave” and enjoy your visit to Capeway.


Photo courtesy of Suncrafted

Suncrafted is a dispensary that has been assisting the community of Massachusetts since cannabis was only legal for medical purposes. Now that recreational cannabis is legal, they have developed their brand to offer only the best cannabis products for both purposes.

All the products under the Suncrafted brand have been harvested under direct sunlight and on New England soil. They want to build a sustainable and friendly environment where everybody is happy. At their dispensary, you are going to find the best attention and only tested products for safe consumption.

Having a responsible business model is very important. Suncrafted brands and products are part of a community where patients, consumers, farmers, budtenders, and everybody else involved are taken into consideration.

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