Best Dispensaries In Weatherford, OK

Weatherford, Oklahoma, is a small town in the middle of the state with so much to offer. Let yourself be surprised while you enjoy some of the best cannabis products from the best dispensaries in town.

You may think that such a small town would be boring, but their community will always make you feel at home. At Weatherford, they try to make tourists want to visit again. Weatherford is on the famous Route 66, so if you’re a road tripper, you’ve discovered a new stop location.

One of the top spots to visit in Weatherford is the Stafford Air and Space Museum. This magnificent museum houses a collection of aviation and space memorabilia in addition to exhibits on the history of flight and the space race. This place sounds like the perfect plan for visiting with some friends while high.

Visit Weatherford, Oklahoma, and explore everything this charming town has to offer. Its stunning outdoor spaces, impressive museums, and fantastic cannabis dispensaries make it ideal for a cannabis-inspired getaway.


Blazed should be your first dispensary option if you are ever in Weatherford. They are located at 23916, U.S., along the famous Route 66.

Blazed is a dispensary with everything a stoner needs: good facilities, a wide variety of cannabis products, good customer service, and low prices. This dispensary has a 4.7-star rating on Google Reviews, which reflects the good service and products they have.

There are not many things to do on the outskirts of Weatherford, but Blazed is located just a few blocks away from an independent cinema. This is the perfect place to go catch a movie after smoking some products bought at Blazed.



In small towns like Weatherford, the beauty can be found in the little businesses. Re-Leaf is the perfect example of a small dispensary with some kind of familiar environment that will make every stoner feel welcome.

Re-Leaf is located at 1021 E. Davies Ave., in a small store with enough details to make you want to buy the whole store. Their store is small and comfortable, and their team is going to make you feel at home.

Re-Leaf does not have the most extensive menu, but it does have enough good cannabis products to keep you coming back for more. They sell pre-rolls, flowers, vapes, accessories, and edibles with the best quality.

Sweet Leaf Medz

Sweet Leaf Medz is a place full of surprises. It is located at 220 Ok-44, Burns Flat, a few blocks from the Clinton Sherman Airport.

This dispensary has a charming environment that feels almost magical. They not only have a wide selection of good cannabis products, but they also have unmatched customer service that excels in the entire state.

Sweet Leaf Medz welcomes every kind of customer, but cannabis connoisseurs may find some products out of this world. Their specialty is cannabis extract; they sell some of the most powerful resins that are going to take you on a trip to magical places. They are 30 minutes away from Weatherford but are totally worth the trip.

Hardee Pharms Dispensary

Hardee Pharms works every day to offer the best cannabis products in the whole state. They have a wide variety of cannabis products, not only for recreational uses but also for those medical patients looking for another alternative.

Hardee Pharms has a remote location at 25428 U.S. Route 66 West, Calumet, that works perfectly for a lot of farmers that live in the area. Here, they have a team with a lot of experience that can help you find the perfect cannabis product for you.

Usually, their loyal clients have a lot of medical conditions because of the work they do. Online, you can find many testimonies that demonstrate the impact they have on the community and how much they have helped a lot of medical patients that need them.

Prohibition Dispensary

The Prohibition dispensary is located in the heart of Weatherford at 115 West Rainey Ave. In here, you are going to find not only the best cannabis products but also a lot of things to do after buying some weed. Grab a pre-roll or some of their finest flowers and get ready to explore what Weatherford has to offer.

Thanks to its convenient location, you can find a lot of different things to do around the store. There are a lot of different restaurant options, perfect for the munchies after a good joint. A few blocks away, there are a couple of parks where, if you are lucky, you can find some community activities. There are also some historic places if you are interested in knowing more about Weatherford.


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