Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain

20% thc1% cbd

Animal Cookies is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Vivid colors give this strain some bag appeal, and the experience will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed.

SleepyEuphoriaHappyHungryPain ReliefRelaxedTingly
ADD/ADHDAnorexiaAnxietyArthritisCancerCrohn's DiseaseDepressionGastrointestinal DisorderGlaucomaHeadachesInsomniaLack Of AppetiteMigrainesMuscle SpasmsNauseaPainPTSD

The Animal Cookies marijuana strain is a beautiful flower with a wealth of medical benefits. This Indica-dominant Hybrid is extremely high in THC, with a fair amount of CBD to boot. Try this strain if you suffer migraines or muscle spasms. Though, simply enjoying this herb is just fine, too.


Animal Cookies Experience

A successful product of Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Fire OG, this herb is a mellow Indica-dominant hybrid. Expect to enjoy a nice nap or settle in for an evening on the couch after a few puffs.

This cannabis strain is best saved for a rainy afternoon or evening when you’re in need of some serious rest and recovery.

While traditionally high in THC, a good grower will be able to coax decent CBD levels from this strain. THC levels can reach up to 23% while some growers have been able to get around 4% CBD out of the plant.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Animal Cookies Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like Canna Organix.
  • Animal Cookies shatter, Animal Cookies wax, and other Animal Cookies concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.


Traits of Animal Cookies and Animal Cookies Seeds

Animal Cookies is sure to impress. Featuring beautiful, purple-tipped buds with abundant orange hairs, the bag appeal of this strain is unparalleled.

The green-yellow leaves are densely packed, with some phenotypes displaying some purple coloring. Cloudy amber trichomes cover the bugs, making for some sticky weed.

This purple coloring doesn’t mean marijuana enthusiasts can expect to find some berry flavors with this strain. Instead, the overwhelming flavors and aromas are sweet and sour, with floral, earthy tones lurking underneath.

When broken open these nugs offer up a spicy, peppery odor that can tingle the nose. On the inhale, the smoke can be quite harsh, forcing even the most experienced marijuana consumers into some coughing. The exhale offers up a sweet, slightly spicy combination.


Medical Benefits of Animal Cookies

With such a famed family tree, this flower inherits some effective medicinal qualities that medical cannabis patients are sure to appreciate.

  • The traits of this cannabis strain make it phenomenal for treating muscle spasms
  • Stress, anxiety and depression or often relieved thanks to the mentally uplifting effects of this strain
  • The potent relaxing effects can make this marijuana strain an excellent choice for those patients in search of a painkiller
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