Purple Space Cookies Marijuana Strain

Purple Space Cookies Weed; Purple Space Cookies Cannabis Strain; Purple Space Cookies Hybrid Marijuana Strain
20% THC 0.1% CBD

Purple Space Cookies is a mysterious Hybrid marijuana strain. With above-average THC levels and grape flavors, this herb will leave cannabis consumers giggly and euphoric.

Pain Relief
Lack Of Appetite
Tree Fruit

Purple Space Cookies is a beautiful hybrid with dense purple buds and plenty of glistening trichomes. Popular in Canada, this strain has a mysterious genetic heritage.


Purple Space Cookies Experience

This is a mysterious yet apparently loveable strain from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies family. There is little information about this flower floating around, but there seem to be two distinct versions of Purple Space Cookies in circulation.

The first is a Sativa-dominant cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies born and bred in British Columbia. This bud features an alert yet relaxed hybrid high that’s perfect for marijuana enthusiasts searching for an afternoon herb.

The second cross is more fitting to the Purple Space Cookies name and is a mixture of Purple Kush, Space Queen, and Girl Scout Cookies.

This latter version is Indica-dominant, though this strain is not one to leave marijuana consumers glued to the couch. Rather, like the BC version, Indica-dominant version of this herb offers a calm vibe and an upbeat, euphoric high.

Traits of Purple Space Cookies and Purple Space Cookies Seeds

Both versions are said to feature a sweet, grape-like aroma and dense, top-shelf worthy buds that cannabis consumers will treasure.

These flowers often feature beautiful purple and sage green coloration, making for weed with some serious bag appeal.

Potent, these buds are known for their thick coat of white trichomes and a THC content of 20 percent and above. As the name might suggest, marijuana enthusiasts can expect a little of that classic cookie taste as well.


Medical Benefits of Purple Space Cookies

While definitely a recreational favorite, this strain has plenty to offer to medical marijuana patients as well.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this strain for relief from chronic pain and stress.
  • Those who need a little help winding down after a long day might enjoy the intoxicating grape vapor this bud provides.
  • All in all, this herb is a scrumptious bud with some deeply calming and laidback effects