Red Dragon Marijuana Strain

Red Dragon Weed; Red Dragon Cannabis Strain; Red Dragon Hybrid Marijuana Strain
20% THC 0.1% CBD

Tropical and silly, the Red Dragon strain is like a treat for the body and mind. Sweet tasting, euphoric, and elevating, Red Dragon is an afternoon delight.

Pain Relief
Tree Fruit

A taste of the Red Dragon cannabis strain is like inhaling vaporized guava. The tropical incense aroma is the perfect complement to an upbeat yet deeply relaxing hybrid experience. A vacation for the body and mind, this herb creates a heavy-bodied sensation while offering consumers a jovial and engaging mental elevation.


Red Dragon Experience

This flower’s fiery personality is evident from the get-go. Euphoric, adventurous, and talkative, this strain is a top choice for tomfoolery and shenanigans of all sorts.  

This silly flower is Sativa-dominant up front, but a quick mental high is tailed by a lasting Indica body experience. As the effects of the Red Dragon marijuana strain begin to wind down, expect a deep, physical relaxation to settle into muscles and limbs.

Recreational consumers will appreciate the happy, bubbly, and giggly nature of this bud. Those sensitive to THC, however, may find that this strain causes some dizziness. It’s best to start low and go slow with this cannabis strain.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Red Dragon Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like Happy Face.
  • Red Dragon shatter, Red Dragon wax, and other Red Dragon concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Red Dragon and Red Dragon Seeds

This strain is a Barney’s Farm hybrid that has made its way across the West. This strain has some historical roots. A mix between a Brazilian Sativa and a pure Indica Afghani strain, this flower provides a wholeheartedly satisfying experience all around.

While the Hybrid effects of this bud are delightful, the stand-apart quality of this strain is its aroma.

This weed smells and tastes like tropical guava. Sweet fruit hits the nose first with this one, followed by a slight musk and spiciness that add depth to the pallet.

This herb has moderately high THC levels, often reaching 20%. The potency of this bud is nearly visible from the dense layer of trichomes coating her fluffy green buds.

Those new to cannabis may want to microdose this flower or find a lower potency option altogether. Seeds are available from Barney’s Farm seeds.


Medical Benefits of Red Dragon

This happy-go-lucky Hybrid herb isn’t just for recreational consumers either. Medical marijuana patients report a range of therapeutic applications for this flower.

  • Medical consumers often gravitate to this strain for inflammatory conditions, migraines, and pain
  • Those who experience mood swings, anxiety, or are struck down by depression also appreciate the upbeat relaxation this cannabis strain provides
  • Uplifting, some may find that this strain provides helpful daytime relief from chronic fatigue