Sour OG Marijuana Strain

Sour OG Weed; Sour OG Cannabis Strain; Sour OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain
20% THC 0% CBD

Sour OG is Hybrid marijuana strain. A cross of two heavyweights, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, this herb will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling euphoric and giggly.

Lack Of Appetite

Sour OG is the perfectly balanced child of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. A strong citrus, pine aroma provides the perfect backdrop for this Hybrid’s smooth cerebral uplift and mellow body high.


Sour OG Experience

If you’re looking for a truly balanced Hybrid, you can’t get much better than Sour OG (Sour Kush) .A 50/50 split between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, this strain provides the perfect combination of an Indica body high and a Sativa’s mental clarity. Friendly and sociable, this strain is known for igniting a giggle fit or two.

For recreational consumption, Sour OG is quite perfect. It’s great for a late afternoon walk through the park or a silly time relaxing with friends and family. You’ll feel your body melt into a comfortable pool of calm relaxation. Meanwhile, any stress or anxiety built up over the week ebbs away.

You can also find this strain under the name 818 Headband.


Traits of Sour OG and Sour OG Seeds

Marijuana enthusiasts will recognize the dense shape of these buds from such luminaries as OG Kush and other OG strains. Green foliage and orange pistils are topped with a nice dusting of crystal trichomes, giving this weed a sticky hand feel.

When broken open, cannabis consumers will be greeted by a wave of lemon and pine aromas. Marijuana connoisseurs may detect a fuel scent lurking in the background.

The taste is almost beyond compare, however. Melding all of these aromas into a complex and intriguing flavor, this isn’t one marijuana enthusiasts can claim to recognize from anywhere else.


Medical Benefits of Sour OG

A fairly potent Hybrid, Sour OG’s THC content can reach over 20%. This makes it a nice option for medical marijuana patients looking to break through their tolerance threshold or manage more intense symptoms.

  • Medical patients report relief from nausea, lack of appetite, and depression from Sour OG
  • The sedative OG Kush lineage also makes this strain good for mild to moderate aches and pains.
  • This flower also is fast-acting, meaning you’ll dive into blissful euphoria just a few minutes after the first taste. This makes it excellent for the management of stress.