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City Guides | 03.27.2022

Catch The Bob Marley One Love Experience In London’s Saatchi Gallery

Commemorating the legend's music, passion, lifestyle, and impact on the world.

Fans of the late great legend Bob Marley are in for a treat as the Bob Marley One Love Experience launches this week in London’s renowned Saatchi GalleryThe exhibit will remain there for ten weeks, then pack up for a tour around several cities. 

Guests can get the complete Bob Marley experience as they feast their eyes on never before seen pictures and memorabilia, walking them through the artist’s life and his impact on the world. The experience offers various sections that emphasize the legend’s lifestyle, passions, and music. Fans can also submit their Bob Marley and One Love-inspired artwork to display in the exhibit. 

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the entire Bob Marley One Love Experience. It all starts with the One Love Music Room, which radiates nothing but good vibes. The room is carefully decorated with music awards, lyrics, and one of the world’s biggest vinyl records to exist, none other than the top-selling reggae album, ‘Legend.’

Photo by Saatchi Gallery

Guests head into the One Love Forest inspired by lush Jamaica. This room has different sound effects and smells to enhance the forest-like experience and has a visual backdrop of the renowned Marley songbook. Pumping up the energy is the Soul Shakedown Studio, which might seem quiet upon entrance, but once you place those headphones on, you’re bound to lose yourself in the tunes made for an exciting reggae dance party.

Guests are then met with the refreshing Beautiful Life Zone, celebrating Marley’s vast passions like family and soccer, all in a room designed as some sort of arcade. Here, you can get a picture of yourself playing net as Marley winds up for a kick. Guests then walk through the backstage hall of a Marley concert, which takes them to the Concrete Jungle, a fan and street art expo surrounding the creations of Mr. Brainwash himself.

The last room honors the star’s existing and prominent legacy thanks to his wife Rita, children, and grandchildren, who continue to spread the One Love message worldwide. Guests can choose to leave their own personal message of peace and inclusivity on the One Love Tree “as you reflect on the experience and Bob’s impact on culture and the world,” reads the exhibition’s website

The Bob Marley One Love Experience opened in London’s Saatchi Gallery on February 2 and will carry out until April 18. 

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