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Medical Cannabis Caregiver since 2010, growing organically in soil <3

About Us

Hi! I am a Certified Clinical Herbalist as well as a Medical Cannabis Caregiver, loving the integration of a variety of medicinal herbs to help heal your body. I am passionate about spreading the knowledge of how these herbs work in our body.

We have an Endocannabinoid System in place that produces our own cannabinoids naturally, but unfortunately a lot of us are deficient- this is why cannabis works so well for so many of us. This system has receptor sites all over our body, which makes it super helpful for so many ailments- anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, sleep, etc. 

When we are deficient in this system our body is in “fight or flight”- our Endocannabinoid System is our “safety system”- when you do not feel safe, you cannot learn, you have a hard time dealing with stressors, you feel anxious and depressed. It is so important to bring our Endocannabinoid System into homeostasis (perfect balance). Through exercise and eating a healthy diet you can nudge your body into producing more of it’s own cannabinoids naturally, but sometimes we need an extra boost from our natural plant allies and here is where cannabis comes into play. 

I am so grateful that we have this beautiful “master plant” available to heal us. Please come and have a conversation about how you can utilize this plant for your own master healing. 


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    We are currently offering in-store service and curbside pick-up. Orders placed during business hours for curb-side pick up are typically filled within 30 minutes. Orders placed after hours will be ready approximately 1 hour after opening.

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