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Field Trip | 03.15.2023

Field Trip: The Best Things To Do In Coachella, CA

Here's how to keep yourself busy in beautiful Coachella.

Coachella is a marvelous place that you might know for the multicolor and multi-sound Coachella Music Festival. Not only that, but Coachella is such a wonderful place that it has many other experiences to offer. It’s easy to fall for its cuisine, landscapes, arts scene, and contemporary weed dispensaries.

If you ever have the chance to visit the Coachella Valley, these are the best things you can do during your stay. Locals are invited to partake as well. There’s room for everyone in this spacious and zen valley.

Get Your Goodies At Lighthouse Dispensary

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The Lighthouse Dispensary is the top place for Coachella festival-goers in need of weed for the weekend. It’s right down the road from the iconic festival grounds. This dispensary has earned an impressive reputation for its outstanding quality and diversity of products.

The team at Lighthouse Dispensary works hard to give customers all the information they need. That way, users can have a better idea of what they need and what to expect from their chosen products. The team does this with love and patience. Anyone who visits this shop raves about the customer service and welcoming vibe.

Whether you seek edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, tinctures, topicals, or vaporizers, you will find them and many more at Lighthouse Dispensary. Even better, you’ll leave the dispensary as a more informed consumer than when you walked in.

In sum, the Lighthouse Dispensary is a must-see shop for stoners looking to have a good time in the Coachella Valley. Don’t forget to get your free membership to claim discounts. Place your order online and get it delivered or opt for in-store or curbside pickup.

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El Tranvia Restaurant

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Mexican food is always a big yes when thinking about where to eat. And El Tranvia Restaurant is the best expression of Mexican deliciousness in Coachella. So, if you are feeling hungry or up for a flavorful experience, you can’t miss visiting this restaurant. 

You will find an impressive variety of tacos, salsas, quesadillas, and every dish you could wish from Mexican food. The hottest part is that the cook team at El Tranvia Restaurant prepares your order the same way they would in Mexico with all their millenary cuisine.

Don’t eat just any tacos out there. Go to El Tranvia Restaurant and try the real thing in Coachella.

Light It Up At Indian Canyons

Photo By Dylan Monteiro

There is simply no better spot to chill and have a smoke than in the great outdoors. Picture it. There is no limit to the horizon, the wind blows softly on your skin, washing away bad vibes and replacing them with crisp mountain air. How can you make that moment even better? The answer is always to light up some weed.

But where is a place like that in Coachella Valley? That is the Indian Canyon, a vast park full of incredible landscapes that will blow your mind, soften your eyes, and move your heart. The peace that lingers in the air makes it the perfect spot to smoke while enjoying the view.

The whole place is culturally sensitive and has a long history of spiritual people walking the land. Thus, it has a special energy that makes you feel more connected to nature.

Put On Your Thinking Cap At Palm Springs Escape Rooms

Photo By Escape Room Palm Springs

If you ever want to live a fantasy-like adventure full of mystery, thrill, action, and puzzles, you must visit the award-winning Palm Springs Escape Rooms. 

Seven escape rooms offer different immersive experiences where you can share a fun and memorable moment with your family and friends. And although getting to meet people can be fun in these situations, the Palm Springs Escape Rooms are private. That way, you can ensure comfortable moments with the people you know best.

No one stays behind at Palm Springs Escape Rooms. Their facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. Thus, even people in wheelchairs can enjoy the game at its maximum.

Visit The McCallum Theatre For The Performing Arts

Photo By Pam Huston

The McCallum Theatre For The Performing Arts is a fantastic place in the Coachella Valley to see what the place has to offer culturally. At this stage, you will see Broadway-quality productions, classic plays, opera, Rock concerts, and more.

Once you go through the main door of the theatre, the magical atmosphere envelopes you, getting you ready to open your heart to the artists you are about to meet. Thus, if you are up for a cultural night in Coachella, don’t think twice before going to visit the McCallum Theatre For The Performing Arts.

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