Field Trip | 07.01.2022

Herb Plated: 5 Chefs Cooking With Cannabis In The United States

See how these five chefs are changing the edible game.

The normalization of cannabis has led to many beautiful things. 

One of the tastiest byproducts of normalization has to be the many infused eats and edibles roaming the legal market. 

While purchasing a brownie or gummies from a dispensary can be fun, there’s no denying that a private dinner featuring infused eats is top-tier. 

These events are taking weed-friendly states by storm. But they wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t for the skilled and notable chefs making it happen. 

Below, we’ve selected five of the top cannabis chefs in the United States who are changing how the world views edibles one bite at a time. 

Holden Jagger

You might remember when Gordon Ramsay stopped at Holden Jagger’s San Francisco restaurant serving infused eats. 

He’s based in Malibu and focuses more on pairing weed with different eats. Jagger has always loved growing cannabis, which led him to co-found Altered Plates, a restaurant that serves pairings based on different strains. 

Instead of infusing, he lets guests sniff weed like they would wine, take a dry pull to examine the flavors, and let them smoke it during their meal. He only selects the finest ingredients with distinct flavors that match different strains. 

Todd English

Celebrity chef Todd English isn’t just a cannabis chef. He has a broad culinary history and his show, Food Trip With Todd English

More recently, he’s ventured into the edibles space with his new company, LastLeaf. Based in California, the brand strives to find new and delicious ways to merge the cannabis community with gourmet eats. 

LastLeaf has created gourmet-infused Mac n’ Cheese with 5mg THC per serving. He’s also launching an infused extra virgin olive oil to help us channel our inner cannabis chef.

Andrea Drummer

Andrea Drummer

Los Angeles-based chef Andrea Drummer earned her chops cooking alongside chef Neal Fraser and at places like the Ritz-Carlton, Redbird, and Vibiana. 

In 2012, she whipped up a batch of cannabutter and never looked back. After launching Elevation VIP Cooperative, she’s become well known for hosting private dinners and tasting events with a varying menu around LA. 

She caters to all guests with different palettes, preferences, and tolerances to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience. 

Chris Sayegh

Chef Chris Sayegh adores the process of infusing dishes with THC and CBD. 

After studying molecular cell biology and molecular gastronomy, Sayegh launched The Herbal Chef in 2015. He hosts private dinners that serve anywhere from 3 to 25 courses. 

Of course, with such a renowned name, the private dinners can be pretty pricey, almost $500 per person. So he likes using a microdose approach, ranging from 1mg to 5mg THC or CBD. 

He’s mastered how to mask unpleasant cannabis flavors with other ingredients to create delicious infused eats. 

Jaime Lewis


Chef Jaime Lewis takes pride in producing treats that offer medicinal aid and a level of comfort. 

Having worked under and alongside notable chefs around San Francisco at Fifth Floor and The Front Porch, Lewis began making edibles for medical dispensaries. 

After moving to Denver, she launched Mountain Medicine with the tastiest treats from family recipes infused with THC and CBD for medicinal aid. 

She serves up treats like cinnamon apple pie bars, s’mores, toasted cheese crackers, etc. From there, she became passionate about making food that could improve the quality of life. 


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