Field Trip | 09.25.2023

Herb Plated: Stoned Pizza In New York

Smoke before, during, or after your weed-infused meal at Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza.

Located in New York’s East Village lies Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza. 

It’s not your average pizza joint. This dream-come-true of a restaurant strives to get you baked from appetizer to dessert. 

Stoned opened in 2017, even though New York state had just legalized recreational cannabis earlier this year. What sets it apart from other infused eats is the entire atmosphere. 

Walking into the restaurant, I didn’t expect to be hit with a dank scent of weed. Was it coming from the kitchen? No, it was actually from the guests who were passing around a joint at their table. 

You read that right. Stoned allows guests to bring their own weed, BYOW, and smoke it indoors. While smoking at the table is a pretty unique experience, eating a four-course meal with around 200mg THC is another. 

All dishes at Stoned contain THC, and the servers will happily break down the contents within each dish. The restaurant uses a high-quality THC distillate to ensure all food and beverages pack a punch. 


Photo by Stoned

First Course

My partner and I shared our first two courses, which started with the Sticky Icky Wings. 

If I’m not mistaken, the delicious barbeque sauce is probably what contains THC. But I was surprised at how authentic it tasted. 

It came with a rich dipping sauce to balance out the slightly spicy barbeque sauce. 

The entire plate contained 25mg THC, which is a pretty light dose considering our high tolerances.

Second Course

I had seen the famous Ganja Knots all over my foodie Instagram page. Trying them was a must. 

The entire plate, which had six garlic knots, contained 100mg THC. That means each knot at about 16mg THC.

These springy and doughy garlic knots were baked to perfection and came with a generous topping of parmesan cheese and fresh pesto. 

Mind you, I didn’t want to get too baked where I’d be falling asleep by the end of dinner. If you glanced over at me, I was probably counting with my hands to add up how much THC I was ingesting. 

My partner and I shared this dish again, meaning we had both ingested roughly 45mg of THC each. 

Third Course

Wings and garlic knots later, it was time for the main event. We shared the Pepperoni Haze. 

It’s worth noting that all Pizza Pies at Stoned had their own strain-like name (Medical Margherita, Sativa Sausage, Stoned Vegan, etc.). 

Each slice contained 40mg THC. According to my hand math, that means two slices would bring my partner and I to a total of 125mg THC. 

That was fine with us, but beginner users should definitely plan out their meals beforehand (using the online menu) to evenly measure out their doses. 

Regardless, the pepperonis were perfectly crisped on the edges and soft in the middle. They sat on top of the ooey-gooey ‘za that was stretching with rich mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and a thick, doughy crust. 


We were stuffing our faces and super baked at this point. 

For the sake of my stomach and my bathroom the next morning, I chose to keep it as light as possible. I ordered the Banana Nutella Gelato, which was a perfect balance of creaminess and a whipped texture. 

Because I was getting a tad loopy, I forgot to ask how much THC was in each gelato serving. But after all, I had already consumed about 125mg of THC, so that ship had sailed. 

Instead of sparking up before your next restaurant visit, why not do it at the table right before dinner? Even better, why not eat an entire four-course meal that contains potent doses of THC? 

Whatever experience you prefer, Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza has something for all consumers. Just beware, you’ll leave higher than expected. 

Best Delivery Service in NYC

Photo courtesy of Feel Good

Before you get your pizza, you need to get your smoke session in. Hit up Feel Good Delivers for your any-time cannabis convenience!  With guaranteed service in under an hour in the NYC area, the crew at Feel Good Delivers understands you are a busy person, so they won’t keep you waiting.

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Munchies are real, and they’re often brought on by smoking cannabis. For some people, the munchies are a pleasant experience. They bring on a sudden and intense desire to eat, often leading to pizza parties. For others, the munchies can be a less pleasant experience, resulting in consuming unhealthy foods or overeating to the point of discomfort. (Don’t be one of those guys.)

Interestingly, research has shown that cannabis may actually increase the pleasure derived from eating due to the release of the “bliss molecule” anandamide. So, if you find yourself with the munchies after smoking cannabis, go ahead and get your pizza! Just be sure if you’re in the NYC area, use Feel Good Delivers, get your weed delivered, and when it comes to the pizza, mind your portion sizes and choose healthy options whenever possible.

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