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Herb Plated: The Coolest Snack Box Subscriptions Around The World

Never run out of snacks again with these sweet subscriptions.

We know our fellow stoners can sniff out a good snack anywhere.

Whether you’re more of a healthy, natural snacker or a sugar fiend, we have something to satisfy all cravings.

Have you ever wanted to try snacks from around the world, but a vacation just isn’t in the cards? We’ve listed five of the best international snack box subscriptions to keep your pantry and tummy full with the best snacks from around the world.

Universal Yums

Anyone who’s tried Universal Yums’ snack box would agree that it’s the best selection for the best price.

The smallest box is roughly $17 a month, but it also offers medium and large boxes for $26 and $41, respectively. Inside, you’ll get snacks from a different country each month.

This includes snacks from France, Germany, India, Japan, and many more. The boxes also come with booklets about the snacks, games, and trivia questions. Click here to shop Universal Yums.

Snack Crate

Another great option for worldwide sweet and savory snacks is Snack Crate.

Each month, the company rolls out a theme based on a different country and sends snacks popular in those regions. Some past themed boxes were Colombia, Canada, and Germany.

There are a few different plans to choose from, ranging from 6 to 20+ snacks depending on your chosen subscription. Click here to shop Snack Crate.

Kekao Box

Photo courtesy of Kekao

The Kekao Box by Cratejoy was created for chocolate connoisseurs around the world.

Cratejoy is constantly searching for the finest craft chocolate on the planet. This includes rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars Madagascar single origin chocolate. Cratejoy curates 4 to 5 full-sized premium chocolate bars monthly between white, milk, and dark chocolate, all of which are ethically sourced. Click here to shop the Kekao Box by Cratejoy.

MunchPak Snack Box

MunchPak is another reliable and tasty snack box that serves the coolest and best-tasting treats from around the world. Each month, the team handpicks an array of sweet, salty, sour, and savory snacks for all palates.

It has a few different plans that let you choose how many snacks you receive each month. Finally, it also has a smartphone app that tracks the snacks you’ve received before, making it easier to find your favorite treat from a few months ago. Click here to shop the MunchPak Snack Box.

Try The World

Photo courtesy of MunchPak

We couldn’t leave our healthy eaters out of the mix. If you love snacking but prefer to stay on the more natural side, check out Try The World. Its box contains a hand-selected assortment of sweet and savory snacks made by small-scale artisan producers.

All snacks are international and range from dried fruits and healthy chips to sweeter options like peanut butter cookies and low-sugar cakes.

Each month, you’ll be sent a variety of healthy, natural snacks with multiple billing options like monthly or every three, six, and 12 months. Click here to shop Try The World.

Prepare To Feast

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You simply can’t indulge in these snacks sober. I mean, you can, but where’s the fun in that?

For the snacks above, you definitely want to be stoned, hungry, and eager to try different snacks from around the world. When you’re ready to purchase one of the boxes above, we encourage you to snag another box that you’ll use just as often, maybe even more than your snacks.

Meet The Hemper Box. With a retail value of over $110, you’re getting everything you need to get high, and much more. For one thing, there’s a beautiful Pina Colada Bong inside, along with a ton of other products and accessories you need for your cannabis experiences.

The Hemper Box also comes with the following items:

  • 14 mm Male Quartz High Airflow Male Banger
  • Hemper Keeper Glow In The Dark Series
  • Assorted Hemper Quick Hitters
  • Hemper Tech Hempwick
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • Assorted Twisted Hemp Cones
  • Hemper Tech Snapcaps
  • Assorted OCB Cones
  • 14mm Flower Bowl
  • Assorted Hemper Stickers

And don’t forget to check out Hemper’s Multi-Use Disposable Quick Hitters, the most flavorful and convenient one hitters on the market. With all of these products in your stash, only then can you call yourself a true cannabis connoisseur.

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