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10 Places You Need To Sesh In 2023

Spark up and gaze at these stunning views.

Stoners know how to seize the day. Instead of staying glued to their devices, they’re out exploring the great outdoors and finding excellent sesh spots along the way.

Luckily, the United States is jam-packed with nature, views, and beautiful places to plunk down for a sesh. We’ll help you narrow down the 10 best places you need to sesh in 2023. We must note that smoking weed in public is illegal in most states below. Whether you sesh beforehand or secretly bring a joint, do so at your own risk.

Consume responsibly, don’t cause a scene, and ensure you’ve found a quiet place away from foot traffic. Without further ado, here are some stellar views to feast your red eyes on.

Point Dume Malibu - California

Although it can be busy at certain times, finding a quiet spot at Point Dume in Malibu is possible (and worth it). The vast cliff behind you makes it feel secluded and isolated, and the beautiful view of Santa Monica Bay, Santa Monica mountains, and the Malibu coast is a sight for sore eyes.

Echo Canyon Trail And Recreation Area - Arizona

This Arizona trail and recreation area is big and beautiful. Seriously, this area is so big that there’s enough room for you to find a quiet spot all to yourself. Just keep in mind that families usually visit throughout the day, so Echo Canyon Trail makes for an excellent late afternoon sesh spot.

Henry Hagg Lake - Oregon

Despite the name, Henry Hagg Lake in Portland, Oregon, is stunning. It’s a man-made lake that’s surrounded by refreshing pines and a beautiful view. There are picnic tables surrounding the lake, and also little corners and nooks to sit by the water and spark up without anyone noticing. Make the most of it and walk around the lake after you’ve finished seshing.

Central Park - New York

There’s nothing like walking around Central Park in the summertime. Luckily, recreational cannabis was recently legalized in New York, and unlike other states, it’s legal to smoke it in public with designated smoking areas. There may be some areas where it’s not so wise, like around children at play. Find a quiet spot and gaze at the ponds and city buildings in the distance.

Rio Grande - New Mexico

The Rio Grande in New Mexico is huge. In fact, this river is 1,900 miles long, starting in Colorado and ending at the Gulf of Mexico. Along the river in New Mexico are two recreation areas with spectacular and isolated sesh spots, not to mention views from the High Bridge Overlook that sees Highway 64 cross the Rio Grande.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater - Colorado

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, seshing at Red Rocks at least once is a must. Not only is it home to the most beautiful live music venue in the nation, but it also has hiking trails that lead to gorgeous views. It can be quite popular, so seshing right before the hike is ideal. If you must, trek off the beaten path and do it discreetly.

The Charles River Esplanade - Massachusetts

This Boston-based park is an excellent sesh spot for tourists and locals alike. Although there are various places for children, like playgrounds and sports fields, there are many isolated places for you to plunk down for a solo sesh. Consider gazing at the view of Cambridge while sitting on the dock near the water.

Hatcher Pass - Alaska

It doesn’t get much more isolated than Hatcher Pass in Alaska. Visiting Alaska has been on my bucket list for years, and luckily, weed’s recreationally legal there. Hatcher Pass is 12 miles north of Palmer and 26 miles east of Willow, the closest surrounding cities. Find a spot along the path and puff to your heart’s content.

Snow Lake - Washington

Located in King County, Washington, Snow Lake is a fantastic spot for lakeside sessions with a view. There are also ruins of a cabin which can be pretty cool to visit when stoned. Fun fact, the cabin collapsed due to a major snowfall in 1950. Find a spot near the water and feast your eyes on one of the most visited lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Fort Williams Park - Maine

Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is home to the Portland Head Light, voted one of the world’s most iconic lighthouses. This rocky coastline sesh spot is perfect for stoners looking for a view with a bit of history. There are also four coastal forts to check out, not to mention the beautiful sunsets that’ll make you want to snap a pic.

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