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10 Podcasts For Mindful Wellness In 2024

Podcasts that unpack life's suitcase.

On a wellness kick? Or simply need some listening content that can feed your soul and expand your awareness?

Dive into our top 10 podcasts for mindful wellness in 2024.

These handpicked audio gems offer a blend of inspiration, practical advice, and soul-soothing narratives designed to enhance your daily routine and foster a more mindful, healthy lifestyle.

Healing + Human Potential

Healing potential Youtube Channel

Explore the human spirit with Alyssa Nobriga on Healing + Human Potential.

This podcast is a deep dive into spirituality, mindfulness, emotional well-being, and personal transformation. Alyssa, whose father transitioned from business to becoming a shaman, blends her MA in clinical psychology with heartfelt empathy.

Each episode features insightful discussions with wellness experts, unraveling layers of personal development, healing, and the true meaning of potential.

Plus, Alyssa takes listeners through the nitty gritty on what potential even means, and how to truly access it for yourself.

Naming It

Naming It Podcast Website

Tune into Naming It, where Bay Area psychologists Dr. Bedford Palmer and Dr. LaMisha Hill plunge into the crucial intersections of social justice, psychology, and Blackness.

Since its inception in 2016, “Naming It” has become a crucial platform for exploring and dissecting the nuanced social and psychological issues central to the Black experience.

Naming not only confronts these crucial issues; it also provides a space for deep reflection and learning.

How To Fail


Discover the beauty in imperfection with How to Fail, a podcast that will turn your idea of failure on its head.

Hosted by author and journalist Elizabeth Day, each episode celebrates life’s missteps and the invaluable lessons they teach.

Guests ranging from authors and comedians to psychologists share personal stories of setbacks and growth, giving you an inside look at the raw human experience.

How to Fail encourages listeners to embrace resilience, self-reflection, and the joy of being wonderfully average.

Unlocking Us

Unloking Us – The working parent company UK

Brené Brown, a seasoned author and researcher, has spent over two decades diving into what makes life meaningful.

In her podcast Unlocking Us, she gets real about everything that makes us human—from the big stuff like love and leadership to the nitty-gritty of everyday emotions.

With guests like Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, Tim Ferriss, and Laverne Cox popping by, the conversations are as rich and varied as expected.

Brené shares her own insights, too, in a raw and honest style that doesn’t shy away from life’s messiness.

Whether she’s unpacking the complexities of AI or exploring deep personal connections, Brené’s tackling it all with heart and curiosity.

Feel Better, Live More

FEEL BETTER LIVE MORE Dr. Rangan Chatterjee Youtube Channel

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More podcast is where wellness meets actionable insight.

Each episode unpacks the connections between mind and body, emphazing mindfulness, self-belief, and holistic health.

As a renowned GP and host of the BBC’s Doctor In the House, Dr. Chatterjee goes into a broad spectrum of health and lifestyle topics with leading experts in neuroscience, psychology, and more.

Many Feel Better, Live More listeners credit this podcast for completely shifting their perceptions of health and changing their lives.

What’s The Remedy?

What’s The Remedy Podcast

Join Dr. J, Ashley Ray, and Mr. Wash on What’s The Remedy?, where tough topics get a fresh airing each week.

This podcast plunges into sensitive areas like mental health, social issues, and racial inequity, particularly as they impact men.

Described as a prescription for ‘toxic masculinity,’ the trio of hosts lead honest conversations aimed at breaking down barriers and expanding your understanding.

On Purpose


Hosted by former monk Jay Shetty, On Purpose is the world’s #1 Mental Health podcast. Since launching five years ago, Shetty’s mission has been to steer listeners toward a happier, healthier, and more healed life.

Every Monday, he features a diverse lineup of experts, celebrities, thought leaders and athletes to inspire better habits, expand minds, and unveil hidden potential. And every Friday, he takes the mic to guide himself through personal and professional challenges, from job loss to a breakup.

With over 34 million followers and 7 billion views on YouTube, Shetty’s influence is undeniable. His podcast is a solid resource for anyone looking to enhance their mental health and personal growth.

The Armchair Expert


Step into Dax Shepard’s attic, where he and co-host Monica Padman turn celebrity chats into deep dives on Armchair Expert.

Whether laughing with comedians like Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle, getting real about trauma with experts like Dr. Gabor Maté, or exploring big ideas with Bill Gates and Robert Sapolsky, this podcast doesn’t simply skim the surface.

Launched in 2018, it’s the place where famous faces reveal more than their public personas—they share the raw, often messy stories behind their successes.

The lengthy conversations give every guest a chance to unpack things you won’t hear in typical interviews. And stick around for Monica’s “fact checks” at the end—they’re a fan-favorite for a reason, adding a thoughtful or hilarious recap that often sparks more conversation.

Armchair Expert stands as the real deal.



From manifesting dreams to navigating grief and mastering parenting, Danielle Robay brings a refreshing perspective to her PRETTYSMART podcast.

Known for her professional yet intimate interview style, she draws in a celebrity crowd, including regulars like Jennifer Garner.

Each episode is a mini-masterclass in handling life’s challenges with grace and intelligence.

Tune in to PRETTYSMART for your weekly dose of inspiration and practical advice designed to help you grow and thrive.

Do The Work


Sabrina Zohar gets real about the messy, challenging, but ultimately rewarding journey of personal growth in her podcast, Do the Work.

His podcast explores topics like dating, anxiety, and the essential steps toward healing and self-improvement. Available on Spotify, Sabrina takes a straightforward, BS-free approach to each episode, making complex issues accessible and manageable.

If you’re looking for a podcast that cuts through the fluff and gets straight to the heart of what it means to improve and heal truly, Sabrina’s voice is one you’ll want to follow.

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