10 Stoner Couple Date Ideas Guaranteed To Turn The Heat Up On 420 (And Every Other Day, Too)

Are you and your guy or gal looking for something special to do this 420? Take a look at these 10 ganja inspired get together’s for a little inspiration.

420 is a special holiday for most smokers, in fact, it can trump Valentines day for stoner couples. If you smoke regularly it might be hard to find an experience that is unique enough to get you out of the house. These 10 stoner couple ideas are sure to give you a little inspiration this holiday season.

1. Make a marijuana-infused meal

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So Valentine’s Day came and passed and you might have missed the target with your special date idea-it’s ok, you were stoned. Here is your second chance to give your special someone the time of their life with a marijuana-infused meal. Take a look at the Herb book for recipe suggestions. Surprise him or her with an infused meal, and then enjoy each other’s company as you drift into the marijuana oblivion that is sure to follow.

2. Find a new smoke spot

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I can’t tell you a new spot to smoke, because I don’t know all the places you have conquered. Take a little time to think about places you want to visit, and plan a trip to that location. You don’t have to go crazy, it can be as simple as a visit to a new park or as extravagant as a flight to Amsterdam. Either way, take advantage of 420 and smoke on your terms.

3. Create the ultimate smokers paradise at home

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So, it’s 420 and you forgot to plan because you were “busy”- busy in loooove. Well, now you only have a few hours before your special someone gets home. Head to the store and grab a few supplies, candles, a movie, wine, weed, confetti, who cares what it is as long as it makes you happy. Decorate and voila! You have your very own stoner couple paradise just in time for the holiday.

4. Go see a concert

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We have told you time and again that music and marijuana go hand in hand, so what better to do on 420 than go see a concert. 420 has gained such a following as a global holiday that cities all over the world throw special 420 themed concerts- it won’t be hard to find something in your area. Boogie down with the herb and some super tunes- and your special someone of course.

5. Try some new herb

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So I am trying to help you be extra creative this 420, but maybe you are always super creative and I can’t persuade you with my advice- get a life stoners. At the very least, go find a new strain at the dispensary and give it a shot. If you don’t have access to dispensaries, I am sorry, maybe you could try consuming marijuana in a new way. If you smoke joints, try a blunt. If you smoke blunts, try a bowl- you get the idea.

6. Marijuana infused sex lotions

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Let’s face it marijuana and sex are just as compatible as Lindsay Lohan and well… any human being. So take advantage of the herb you love in sexual lotion form. There are plenty of marijuana-infused products out there that are designed to enhance your time between the sheets, out on the grass, on top of a mountain, or even in your parent’s basement- whatever floats your boat.

7. Make something artistic

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A great way to spice up any relationship is to create something together. There are countless classes and activities that you and your significant other can attend that will guide you on a creative path. Smoke a little herb and attend a pottery class or maybe write a song. Make something together and relish in its awesomeness- trust me it works.

8. Plant a marijuana crop

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This is kind of like making something together, but it will provide you with a recurring activity. Either go buy some clones or you can simply buy seeds and begin planting. Name your plants and take care of them as if they were your children- it’s probably practice that the two of you will need at some point in the relationship.

9. Take a joint rolling class- with sushi

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A popular activity in Denver is to attend a sushi/joint rolling class. You head out to the class, get to learn how to make your own sushi (which you can then eat) while learning the ancient art of blunt/ joint rolling. This is all about subsistence. You can learn to feed yourself, learn to roll your herb, and hey you might even make new friends.

10. It’s that time again

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So, it’s 420. You get two chances during the day to do something at 4:20 on 420. I suggest you combine some of my previous suggestions into one big 420 blow out. Get the marijuana sex lotion, the new strain of bud, and your concert tickets- please figure out the rest on your own!

I hope that I have inspired you to try some new stoner couple things this 420. If not, then I am in for a long day tomorrow because, believe me, I’m going to give some of these a whirl… Guess which ones. If you have any suggestions for stoner couple ideas on 420 let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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April 20, 2016
Written by Lane Tr

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