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5 Ideas For Your Weed Wedding

Throw a wedding people will never forget with these five weedy tips.

Weed weddings are quickly becoming the next big thing in the matrimonial world. This is especially true for weddings in California, Colorado, and throughout Canada.

If you’re looking to add a few weed-friendly features to your wedding, a couple of the options below might help.

But if you really want to go all-out and have a weed-themed wedding, we assume you’ll take advantage of all the ideas below.

Since we’re practically planning your wedding reception, we’ll keep an eye out for our invite.

Infused Cocktails


Any wedding where the bride and groom are weed lovers should have infused cocktails.

That doesn’t mean all the beverages have to be infused, but it’s a great option for guests who prefer THC over alcohol.

Check out these three cannabis mocktails for some ideas.

A Bud Bar

If you plan to go all-out for your weed wedding, you need a bud bar.

Like a wine bar with different varieties and samples, a bud bar is exactly that but with cannabis and related treats. You can choose a variety of strains and let your guests sample them.

It’s also wise to have someone behind the bar, like a budtender, who can guide guests towards their preferred experiences.

A Symbolic Moment

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After your first dance as a couple, why not commemorate the experience with a symbolic lighting of the joints?

Like that cute little thing couples do when eating ice cream cones, hold a lighter in front of your newly-weds joint and spark it up for them, symbolizing the everlasting flame of your passion.

A Weed-Themed Cake

Nothing says weed wedding more than a decadent four-tier, weed-friendly cake.

You can have it designed any way you please, whether that’s with traditional marijuana leaf symbols or poking joints in the sides to get that cake high in the sky.

You could also choose to infuse your wedding cake with cannabis. But for the sake of guests who may want cake without weed, maybe designate only one or two layers for infusion.

Potent Party Favors

For couples getting married, thanking their guest for attending their special day with a parting gift is a must.

Usually, these gifts represent something about the couple, something they both admire or use frequently.

At your weed wedding, let your guests leave the building with a cannabis-related gift of your choice. This could be edibles, a pack of pre-rolls, or even something more luxurious like a cannabis-infused olive oil.

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