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Guides | 02.10.2023

6 Ideas For A Special Weed-Infused Valentine’s Day

Need some last-minute ideas for a "special" V-Day? We've got you covered.

Couples that smoke together stay together. In honor of Valentine’s day 2023, we’re helping our fellow weed lovers seize the most romantic day of the year. Don’t think you can’t join the fun if you’re single; there’s room for everyone in this greenhouse. 

Whether you’re looking to take it easy with a loved one, head out on the town, or kick back with your best single buds, we’ve included 6 weedy ideas for infusing our favorite plant into this special day. 

See the best ideas for a special weed-infused Valentine’s day below. Bonus points if you switch out the traditional bouquet with something a little…greener.

Breakfast (And Weed) In Bed

My local budtender once told me that he has a bowl for breakfast. If he can do it, so can you. Wake up a bit earlier than your significant other and whip up their favorite breakfast.

Before you serve it, bring them something to help “prepare.” Consider a joint, bong, vape, or pipe to help them get out of bed on the right foot. After all, what’s better than a romantic wake n’ bake on Cupid’s favorite day of the year?

A Sativa Brunch Pick-Me-Up

Not everyone has to wake up early on Valentine’s day. If you don’t have plans, enjoy it! Sleep in with your boo, slowly get out of bed, and head to your stash for a sweet Sativa wake n’ bake.

Once your medicine is down the hatch, head to your favorite local brunch spot and munch on your first meal of the day. In the wise words of Brian Griffin, everything’s better with a bag of weed.

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A "Special" Date

Going out to dinner is overrated. Unless you’re dating a foodie who’s eager to try the newest restaurant in town, consider making your date a little more personal. Now’s the time to take everything you’ve learned about our partner and bring the perfect date to life. 

If you’re dating the outdoorsy type, consider a quick sesh with the best strains for date night, then skating, skiing, or hiking (if your climate is generous enough). Does your partner prefer staying in? No problem. Make them a gift basket with their favorite products and sample them throughout the evening. See below for another stay-in tip. 

Infused Movie Munchies

Whether you just returned from a date or stayed home all day, an evening movie is essential. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s day at Herb without infused finger foods and snacks. 

See our guide on how to make cannabutter and whip up your favorite desserts with a THC twist. For some savory and sweet weed-infused eats, check out these recipes below:

You could also take the easy route and pick up an assortment of edibles from your local dispensary. Still, making homemade edibles with a little TLC goes a long way. 

Slide Into The Bedroom

When things are getting hot and you’re ready to get down and dirty, consider enhancing the experience with a cannabis-infused lubricant.

It may sound like a lot, but CBD or THC lube is the kind of thing you won’t believe works until you try it. The sensations are heightened, your body is relaxed, and there’s more slip n’ slide fun to last your entire session.

It’s a small way to spice up your evening in the bedroom but one you can rely on for steamy pleasure between the sheets.

Singles Do It Better

Take it from Bob Marley, no woman, no cry. Being single on Valentine’s day doesn’t suck. After all, you’ll always have weed.

Gather your best single buds and throw a Galentine’s day dinner with sampler joints, flower, and edibles to keep everyone lifted. Plan a rom-com movie marathon and sample different products between movies.

You could also circle back to our Infused Movie Munchies recipes and whip up something to keep the crowd on cloud nine. However you choose to infuse weed into this Valentine’s day, make it special.

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