The 10 Best Date Night Strains 2024

Turn your date night into an unforgettable romantic evening with these strains.

If you have a romantic date on your calendar coming up, maybe a little cannabis will help you take the experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Yes, you read that right. Cannabis and love affairs can go very well together if you know what strains to combine. There is no perfect formula, but your partner, a romantic night, and a bowl full of cannabis with the right strain, and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Before you run out to buy any strain, you should know that not all strains are good for a date night, it’s all about balance, and here we tell you which strains are cupid’s allies.

Herb’s Tip: try a little of the variety you choose a few days before the romantic date night, so you can be sure the effects you get are what you want, and you won’t ruin the evening. 

Blue Dream

This is a balanced but potent hybrid that leans to its sativa side.

Its high is uplifting and euphoric, it works very well at calming the mind and filling you with uplifting energy, with an overall sense of well-being that will put you in the right mood for a date night with your partner. 

Blue Dream is cheerful and sociable while relaxing without producing drowsiness, a winning combination of effects to share a romantic and unforgettable night.

Acapulco Gold

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For an unforgettable date night, turn to Barney’s Farm, a leading seed company. Their Acapulco Gold strain is the epitome of romance, boasting:

  • Sensual Aromas: A delightful bouquet of earthy and spicy notes

  • Balanced Effects: Ideal for relaxation and mood enhancement

  • Exquisite Genetics: Ensuring a premium and consistent experience

Acapulco Gold from Barney’s Farm adds a touch of sophistication to your evenings, making it a perfect choice for an enchanting and memorable time together.

Granddaddy Purple

This variety is one of the most popular indicas on the market. Granddaddy Purple is perfect to feel relaxed, creative, and euphoric, ideal sensations for a romantic night with your partner where there will be only fun.

Granddaddy Purple is the queen of flow and softens any possible inhibitions for a relaxed night.

Its happy and relaxed effects make it an ideal strain to share with your partner and forget about the world.

Although Granddaddy is an Indica, it tends to provide a slightly euphoric mental high. New users should go easy on this strain, as THC levels can reach 23%, and you don’t want to end up glued to the couch.

Green Crack

Green Crack gives you a burst of energy while calming stress and worries, making you concentrate only on your partner and the romantic night ahead of you. 

Green Crack is a potent Sativa with a THC content often exceeding 20%. With its uplifting and energizing effects, it is an ideal strain for an all-night date, if you know what we mean.

A little bit of Green Crack and you will find yourself focused, creative, and in a good mood ready for an unforgettable date night.

Sour Dream

Sour Diesel has a powerful and smooth uplifting impact. It’s stimulating, creative, and offers an all-around strong high that won’t get you down. In fact, most people report that this strain produces a strong cerebral experience.

Sour Dream is a potent strain that can elevate the mood and help you get better orgasms to end a romantic date in the best possible way.

Sour Dream is a hybrid known for producing an uplifting and euphoric high that relaxes the mind. Its gentle body buzz has a pleasant and soothing effect. Plus, you’ll feel every touch on your skin with increased intensity.


Trainwreck is particularly well known in the marijuana community thanks to its potency and has recently gained even more fame thanks to its potent effects when it comes to sex matters.

Trainwreck is considered a mild sexual drug that will allow you to make your fantasies come true faster in the bedroom, the perfect complement to end a romantic date.

The Sativa effects of this strain are fast and strong, like a train wreck. It may sound a little scary until you realize that the train is full of bliss, euphoria, and blissful relaxation.

Trainwreck increases excitement and euphoria, with an initial burst of energy and clarity, followed by deeper relaxation. If you time it right, Trainwreck could fit perfectly with the rhythm of your evening.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that can provide relaxing and uplifting full-body benefits.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is one of the most potent strains available and is in fact popular with the female audience as it increases sensory awareness and enhances calmness that elevates sex to a whole new level. 

This strain produces a high like no other. Get ready for a cerebral adventure and body relaxation that will be perfect for a romantic date night.

Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a delicious strain that will put you in a friendly and social mood.

It is a perfect strain to share with your partner and forget about the rest of the world while your mood is elevated to the nines.

Orange Crush is a hybrid marijuana strain that produces powerful cerebral effects that are uplifting. A strain of romance perfect for a group date or to elevate the mood with your partner.

Inhale its fresh citrus aroma and let the date night begin.

Northern Lights

If you are looking for a strain for a fun date night, Northern Lights is one of the best strains for romance while keeping the mood high and the fun flowing.

Northern Lights is a light indica strain that will make you laugh and relax all night long, perfect for a romantic date night where you want to break the ice and feel confident.

A romantic strain, full of happiness and euphoria that will enhance any date. An uplifting sense of well-being relieves mental stress and elevates the general mood.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is an upbeat sativa that offers mental stimulation and lots of laughter. This strain is sociable and friendly, making it perfect for sharing on a romantic date when you want to relax and break the tension.

With around 18% THC, Laughing Buddha is suitable for those with moderate to advanced cannabis experience. This is an energetic strain that will liven up any date night and transform it into an unforgettable evening where laughter and a good mood will be the protagonists.


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