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Guides | 08.27.2021

7th Floor Sidekick Review: Meet Your New Portable Vaping Assistant

There's a reason why this unit from 7th Floor Vapes is called the Sidekick. Here's why you'll love it.

From the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer makers comes the Sidekick, a sleek and portable dry herb vaporizer. The Sidekick has all the great features you love, such as a powerful heating system for fast and efficient vapor production, precise temperature control, and a ceramic chamber for rich and flavorful hits.

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General Operation

The Sidekick is a discreet and self-contained personal vaporizer that’s remarkably easy to use. The magnetic lid has a lock feature to prevent it from coming open during transit, and the Sidekick is ready to go right out of the box. To use it, lift the magnetic lid off the unit, load your desired material into the heating chamber and snap the lid shut.

Temperature Levels

Photo courtesy of 7th Floor Vapes

Not everyone wants to blow massive clouds, but every vaporizer user wants a smooth draw. The Sidekick is the only dry herb vaporizer that offers temperature settings for each user. Instead of turning the heat up or down, you pick the setting that fits your needs and style.

The temperature range of this unit changes after it has warmed up for an extended period since its first use. In general, the Sidekick has a good range of temperature settings for dry herbs. The temperature range goes from 120° C on level 1 to 235° C on level 11. People may not be comfortable with the way the temperature settings are set.

Vapor Purity

This unit lives up to its name with top-of-the-line production quality. It works well at a wide range of temperatures yet allows for a unique experience for each vaping session—a great addition to any collection.

The steam path was designed to incorporate a patented cooling mechanism that uses evaporation in a vortex cooler. The unique pipe traps cool vapor in chambers, where it slowly evaporates and absorbs heat from the surrounding air. This process results in more excellent vapor, which means more flavorful puffs for you.

Battery Qualities

The Sidekick has its way of doing things, which is why it’s as popular as it is. Not only do the batteries last longer than other portable vapes, but they are also more widely available, making them easy to replace when the time comes. The Sidekick is a portable dry herb that runs on an internal 18650 battery or 2x external 18350 batteries.

The dual battery Sidekick mod is a handheld vaporizer with two batteries that can be charged simultaneously via its dual battery charger. This takes around 30 – 45 minutes to charge both batteries. 

The Lithium-Ion batteries used in the 7th Floor device pack last longer than any other units we’ve tested, and the quick charge time means you’ll never feel left high and dry by dead battery life mid-session.

Size And Design

The Sidekick is a side step away from the traditional mainstream units. Its versatile design allows it to qualify as both vaporizer and e-nail. By embracing this, it means extra attachments, which then makes it less portable than its rivals. The charging port is also located at the bottom of the unit, making it difficult for a mobile charging experience.

The Sidekick is a portable vaporizer that creates high-quality vapor and is suitable for medium to long-distance traveling. The unit’s overall size makes it a bit difficult to travel with and feels like it will take up a lot of space in your bag.


Photo courtesy of 7th Floor Vapes

Although a majority of vaporizers are easy to operate, there are a few that have quirks. It can be a bit difficult to use at first, but it can be straightforward to use once you get the hang of it. The interface is pretty straightforward and comprises a temperature range setting. To turn the device on, press the power button five times quickly.

This device shuts off after 7 minutes of consecutive use. This allows you to control your desired temperature and maximize energy efficiency quickly. The stirring tool is a novel innovation that ensures your herbs cook evenly.

Also, it helps break down dense material to enhance flavor. The unique vortex cooling system ensures smooth, flavorful puffs from the first to the last puff. The vapor path is fully accessible by removing the charcoal bowl, allowing for optimal device cleaning.

The 7th Floor Sidekick is like a friend with a lively personality. At first, it feels a little awkward but is filled with helpful features that will make your vaping experience as fun as possible.

With fast-charging batteries, the single temperature adjustments, right down to the shaker tool, and the refrigeration vortex vapor path, everything works in concert to give a rewarding vapor experience. The big drawback is that, for a portable vaping device, it’s pretty weighty.

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